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Hello All, I’m quite new to the group but have had a tough year with my husband being in ESLD. I am now at home after dropping my husband off this morning at the Royal Free for his transplant, obviously had to say good bye At the hospital entrance this morning which was very hard. It’s going to be a long night as last communication I’ve had he was going into theatre. The hospital co-ordinators and doctors have been excellent so far. SO a long night for me as I await the call all has gone ok, very anxious wife

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Hi Dusty. Rest assured he will be in excellent hands but my heart goes out to you not being able to be with him.

I will be thinking of you, wish you both all the very best and please keep us updated on his progress as you receive it. I'm sure it will help to be able to talk about it here. There are many people post transplant on here who can share their experiences and support you and talk you through any worries or concerns you may have.

Try to get some sleep tonight !

Take care

Laura x

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Thank you Laura for your kind and positive words Xx

Hi Dusty,

It's an anxious time for you waiting for news while your hubby will be oblivious to everything and having a good long sleep.

I hope that you get to hear soon and then you can get some sleep yourself.

Rest assured that he is in very good hands and will be starting a new and better life when he wakes.

Wishing you both a wonderful, happy future.


Thank you so much, just can’t wait for him to come out the other side, so we can have some normality back in our life’s x

I am 21 months post transplant and am enjoying every day. You both have such a lot to look forward to :-) :-)

Thank you, that’s all I want, a happy and healthy future x

Let us know how he goes on. Thinking of you both.


The best of wishes to you both Dusty, I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you xx

Thank you, a long night ahead and just waiting for that call that he’s ok 🤞


I am two years post transplant, I know he will be well looked after.

The transplant gave me a new life, I am sure it will be the same for you.

The waiting has to be terrible, but being the patient you dont know any thing about it, I can still remember waking up and realising immediately I felt better.

My wife's first words were 'You are Pink'

My prayers are with you, try to sleep the call will come


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Thank you, I love your wife’s words, can’t wait to say that to my husband xx

Please let us know how he is getting on


Hi Dusty,

I just wanted to reiterate everyone else’s words. The transplant will hopefully transform both of your lives, I know it did for us, and he is in good hands.

I know how my partner felt while I was fast asleep on the table, and so I do have an inkling of how you’re feeling at the moment. Stay strong, and positive. The update call will be a huge relief I know.

Good luck to you both.


Hiya dusty. Wishing you both a long and happy future, when he is back home with you.

I can imagine your anxiety as I await my 3rd (hopefully lucky) call for t/p.

Best wishes. 🌈

Hi yes it's a worrying time for relatives especially as u can't be there. He's in good hands and u have a good future ahead. I don't remember anything from going into theatre until I was in recovery ward and when I asked my children how I looked when they saw me for the 1st time my son said ur eyes are white again instead of yellow !!. I feel very blessed 2 have been given this chance and I celebrated my 1st liverversery in april take care and pls let us know how he's gone on its the start of a new life x

It must have been hard but the next time you see him he will have a functioning liver, and from there the only way is up!

Much love to you both

Isabelle xx

Sending you both warmest wishes for your future❤️ Thinking of you and sending positive vibes! Xx

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