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I have only been on the Forum for a little while. My husband Les had non alcoholic cirrhosis and we could all see he was steadily getting worse.

The doctors at Kings recommended a liver transplant but initially he wouldn't even consider it. We had an appointment on 25th October 2017 when he was told he had to make a decision before it was too late.

Very reluctantly he agreed to a transplant. Although he is 60 and I am 59 we have a 16 year old son, born late to us after multiple miscarriages we both wanted him to live and not just give in.

We had our education day on 1st November 2017 and he was listed backdated to June 2017 when he had his assessment for transplant.

on 29th November 2017 at 3:30am we received the call. Went into KIngs and his operation started at 2:30pm and lasted about 10 hours. We knew there were problems as he had an extensive SMV Thrombus.

We are only 1 week post transplant and he is sitting up eating, drinking and even cracking a few jokes.

I have my husband back and our son has regained his Dad. He agrees that he was wrong and that he has now made the best decision in the world. He has thanked us and said how much he loves us but in our minds this has come about because of the death of a loved one and the courage of their relatives in agreeing to donate their organs.

How can you ever thank anybody for this but it has and will make such a difference to our lives.

If anyone is worried about a liver transplant that is only normal but please think carefully - it is a major life changer when all goes well and our thanks to the brilliant nursing team and surgeons at Kings College Hospital for their wonderful care.

Merry Christmas



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That is brilliant news, i remember reading your previous posts. Wishing you all the best and a great christmas too. Xxx

This is really good news and it shows that cirrhosis is not the end of the road.

I hope you all enjoy Christmas. It certainly is a wonderful present.

Pslade in reply to Eurotrash

It is the end of road for my hubby. Not considered for transplant because he's had cancer and it's in remission but will return. Just don't no when.

Fantastic news make sure he takes it easy I rushed in a little too quickly because I hadn't felt so good for so long and it can hit you hard now I listening to my body just tell him to do that and he will be fine 😀

Fantastic news!! Wishing all 3 of you all the best


I am so glad you posted that. Hopefully anyone who has the same view about having a transplant will read that and see what a difference it can make and that it is worth it. I think BLT should make it a sticky.

Hope everything continues to progress well.

Hi Kim.

Isn't it just the best feeling ? I was in your shoes last year & my partner had a transplant in July 2016. There was 1 difference though as he didn't hesitate to have the op. All he could say was "It's better than the alternative"!!!!! We are now back even better than normal. Have a brilliant Xmas.xx

Wonderful! When you thank the family of your angel donate, don’t be afraid to write your own feelings of gratitude along with his!

It’s funny. Even though I am back on the list again, after discovering my new liver is dying I still cry when I see my surgeon. He is the top man in the UK for liver and multi visceral organ transplantation. My second grandchild, first granddaughter was born earlier this week on Monday. If it weren’t for the treatment and transplant I would have never seen either of them born. So, my cup runneth over!

Cheering you on,


So great to hear your brilliant news and wish all the very best.

Glad it all worked out God bless you


Wow congratulations! What a lovely Christmas present. The hardest part for you all is now over (ok maybe a couple more months until he's fully mobile). Hope everything goes well from now on and wishing your husband a speedy recovery.


Met with the surgeons yesterday and found out that not only did he have cirrhosis but that they also found cancer in the liver they removed. We were completely unaware of this so it was a double bonus that the transplant happened when it did.

When we have time to reflect we will write to our donor angel's family but difficult to express our thanks for this wonderful gift.

Our thoughts go out to all you lovely people on these forums still waiting for your new liver, especially Michelle and I hope that it all works out for you.

With love

Kim xx

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I'm finding it hard to put down in writing my gratitude to the donor's family nearly a year on...

It's so difficult isn't it? I sort of know what I want to say as does my husband but don't want to be flippant but it means so much.

I think we will wait a while before writing.


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