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Transplant yesterday

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My Partner (Hugg7614) had a call Wednesday night to say they had a liver for him. We arrived at the hospital as 1am Thursday and he went down to surgery at 9am. He was out of surgery yesterday afternoon and seems to be doing well so far. They thought there were going to be significant challenges with his portal vein but apparently this wasn’t as bad as expected. I know it’s the start of a long journey. Feeling positive xx

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Congratulations I’m pleased for you both.i know you’ll both be relieved and yes there’s a journey still to be had at least it’s a journey to a brighter future.the change in outlook on life is immense and personally I owe it to my donor to live it.whereas I was just going through the motions I said I’m pleased for anyone who’s out of the dark cloud of liver disease.wish you both all the best .paul

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Thank you Paul. It’s still hard to believe it happened. Looking forward to a bright future x

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your news. It’s a period of very mixed emotions, and I am pleased that the operation was a success and that you are feeling very positive about the outcome.

Good luck with the journey ahead, it takes time and is a real joy.

Best wishes to you both,


Great news Mags 👍 I hope the recovery goes well, and look forward to updates.


What great news! Glad he got through the surgery well.

Congratulations, here's to an uncomplicated recovery 💚

I hope all goes well now. A huge thing for you both.

Congratulations! Fantastic news. Starting a new life with the summer to recuperate. All the very best to you both. Alf.

Thank you Alf

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So pleased for you both. I hope everything goes well

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Fantastic news. x

Congratulations, wishing your partner a uneventful and speedy recovery. Keep us posted if you can. Will be sending positive vibes x

Fantastic news, enjoy the new changes ahead. Jane xx

That’s great news Mags!!! 🤗 hope and wish for a wonderful future together, love Kalsoom

What utterly fantastic news.. I hope with all my heart that things go well from here on in.. Love and hugs 😘

Good luck, I hope all continues to go well x

Congratulation, reborn... it’s a journey that’s a miracle.x

That is amazing news. Wishing your husband a very speedy recovery. Also sending you hugs too xx

Great news, congratulations and happy new liver. Here's to a great future together. Make sure he takes it slowly and no rushing into things. Things will be fine as long as you give it time. I am nearly 6 years post transplant and know to take is slow. 😀😀Xx

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He struggles to take things slowly but the whole family is involved in trying to make that happen. This is such a gift that we need to look after it. Samantha

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He will be ok, i think I tried to do too much too quickly and ended up having two hernias where my scars are, got them repaired now so ok. I too got steroid induced diabetics and was on insulin but off that now. This is why i am advising to take things slowly, i know he will feel like he can do so much more but his body has had a massive operation and this takes a long time to repair even though his head will be saying go go go. Lol. Good luck x 😁

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Hi since my liver transplant I have become diabetic on insulin last night I was sick mainly acid I had an orange last night and think it may have been caused by that. My blood sugar levels were 10.7 at 7.15 this morning which I thought was a little low any advice pls

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Hi, i am on lansoprazole to control my heart burn, acid etc without it it is bad.

Diabetes _ i was put in humulin at first injecting 3 x PD but didn't have a clue how to control my diabetes and decided i was not going to be a diabetic. Went to local diabetic nurse who changed me to humalog and Lantus. I went on a high fat low carb diet counting all my carbs. For this you count how many carbs you are about to eat and inject the right amount of humalog to cover. The Lantus is a night time injection to cover 24 hours. Slowly i managed to get my insulin down before every meal and then ended up only on the Lantus at night. I managed to stop this too eventually. It was hard work watching everything i eat but i did it. I can now eat most things i want to including cake as long as i am not silly. It is great that i no longer have to inject any more. My average blood sugers are 6.4 and my latest HbA1c is 44 which they are very happy with. Hope this of use to you, you can buy books which show all carb amounts in food. Good luck with it. 😁

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Hi Samantha

Firstly fantastic news. Phew eh 😁😁👍👍.

Please please please though make sure he takes it slowly very very slowly as dizzyme says. NO Hoovering (not a joke) NO lifting of any carrier bags in the hands - not for 6 months at least or as told by the Hospital. I wish I had listened instead I may not have torn my weakened stomach muscles apart and have just had to start physiotherapy to see if they can be mended without an operation - no ops allowed for a year post transplant I have been told. (Waited 10 weeks for first appointment after referral to Physio by QEHB! Physio said it’s a pity we didn’t see you sooner! What can one say to that 😁).

So he must be very careful - he doesn’t want what I’ve got I can tell you ☹️

Good luck 👍👍


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Good to know, he has a manual job and is keen to get back to work so I’ll be showing him your warning. He’ll not want to put himself back and delay recovery. We have teenagers for hoovering 😀 QEHB have been amazing.

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Hi again Samantha

Glad to hear he feels he will be able to go back, or wants to go back 😁, to work 👍. A star is born indeed. I hadn’t been able to work since 2014 before I got TP in 2018 and now “too old” to work - hmmm 😁 - so good for him!

But manual work - yoiks - he really really must be careful. I think we all feel we are ready to do things when perhaps (or more than perhaps in my case) the body hasn’t changed actually finished healing!

Good luck to you both 👍


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He was working the week before his TP reletivly still very active. It will be a challenge getting him to take it slow but I will have every trick in the book on the go xx

I’m so very pleased for you all ,nd wishing a successful speedy recovery 🙏🏽

Pleased for u both. I had my liver transplant on the 16th April this year after being on list a day can't still believe it happened so quickly. I became diabetic after my blood sugar levels were all over the place so had to have insulin twice a day at moment but it's a small price to pay. I have lost a lot of weight due to muscle loss but hopefully that will get better after exercise. remember baby steps. X

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Jammymags in reply to Steak

Wow that was quick and I’m sure gave you quite a shock! He was suddenly getting so much worse in the two weeks before and we were very worried he was listed 3 weeks when the call came. He considers himself very blessed and honoured to have this opportunity at life again. Very humbling experience watching someone come back to life knowing that someone else has helped that happen.

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Steak in reply to Jammymags

Yes it makes you realise how lucky 2 get this gift. I am under jimmys at leeds. I know it's a long journey ahead. I had cirrhosis of the liver and didn't realise I needed a transplant so urgently until I went 4 appointment 2 c if i could be put on list. Has hubby become diabetic and have 2 do blood sugar levels. X

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Jammymags in reply to Steak

Not as yet. All good as far. Kidneys are now functioning. They thought they might have to do dialysis but haven’t had to to date. Each day will present something new I’m sure xx

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david5354 in reply to Steak

Its early stage I was diabetic before my transplant and the drugs send you bloods all over,

Now 14 months later I have been able to stop the insulin all together, and feel great, I hope you stake small steps in the same direction

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Steak in reply to david5354

I was border line diabetic b4 transplant. As blood sugar levels were higher than they shud have been in was put on insulin.

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david5354 in reply to Steak

Very similar to me, let hope you go the same way as I have done

Great News, look forward to a new future and a speedy recovery

That's great news. Sending my best wishes to you both for a great and uneventful recovery.

So sincerely happy for you both. x

Hello Jammymags, I am so delighted for you. Stay strong now, you can do this. Sending virtual hugs and strength to you. Good Luck Jaycee

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Amazing news, so pleased for you both, here’s to a new lease of life with a bright future...recovery is a journey in its self and sending best wishes for a speedy one, all the best for a lovely pain free future.

Regards and best wishes 😊

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Hi, I’ve been following your story, really inspired me. Samantha xxx

Hey such big congrats.....truly deserving, we all hope everything will be fine, and of course it will. Have a fabulous transformed life together....

Hope things go well for both of you. A lot will fall to you to keep him in check. I couldn't have managed without my wife. The kids were great too. I had my transplant at the beginning of December. Transplant went well but still suffering from "repair" discomfort. Still being quite careful. Good luck

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I feel I’m going to need to keep him on track, he’s never great with being organised with meds and appointments! That’ll be my main job. Samantha xxx

Oh, so happy to read this

Hopefully he'll realise you're helping and appreciate how lucky he is.

All the best to you both for the journey ahead!

Wishing you both all the best!


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