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Liver issues postpartum ggt increased from 87 to 600

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Liver issues postpartum

Ggt is 600

AST is 85

ALT IS 247

I did deliver my second baby in feb. after which I had lots of indigestion and stomach pain. Blood test done on feb shows ggt is 87 and they said it’s normal. Did my postpartum blood work again in may and these are my results . I have my ultrasound tomorrow.but worries about the spike from 87 to 600 in 2 months?

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Hello, I had a spike 2 months post-partum (11 months ago) and unfortunately have had fluctuating LFTs since - ALT and GGT. Ultrasound and fibroscan normal but constant inflammation. I hope they can figure out what caused yours. Do you drink? That doesn’t seem to have caused mine but I used to.

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Thank you for your reply. I don’t drink. The numbers look too high. Hope they find it

How long did it take for you to get back to normal?

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raenata in reply to Hh12b

Yup pregnancy does strange things. Hope they find an answer for you!

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No idea but it must be worrying. Pregnancy and after can play havoc with the body. I hope you get answers soon as something has definitely changed.

Hang on in there

Isabelle xx

Hi Hh12b

I'm in the same boat!' Fluctuating LFT's. numerous spikes in GGT ALT and AST causing inflammation to liver!

A further CT Scan and bloods done in October! Already had fibroscan and ultrasound, camera up and down and results normal except for mild fatty liver. KPA 4.5 Cap 290

Did have inflammed Esophagus in November and was prescribed Omeprazole which was weird as my LFT's after being high for 18 months lowered to almost normal . GGT still stayed slightly above normal .

Consultant said blood results pointed to none alcoholic PBC but now thinks possible Sarcoid causing inflammation spikes!

Had another flare up end of Jan but couldnt get urgent bloods done to check results due to it being a weekend and start of the Covid alert.

Now have mild lung infection plus other symptoms which could now point to Sarcoid or Covid 19 both can cause breathing problems.

I'm due routine hospital bloods Tuesday which may or may not happen.

Has your hepatologiest given you any indication on what's causing your spikes?

How long have you been monitored for?

I also started eating healthy, lost 3 stone and LFT's improved slightly but still had flare ups!'

I do hope your hepatologiest investigates further but in the meantime try not to worry to much !'

Best Wishes


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Haven’t been to specialist yet. 5 days post delivery In February I had severe indigestion and pain through my chest and upper abdomen. Went to emergency and did all bloods to see if I have heart attach or blood clot in liver but all came back normal. I was sent back home.

Got similar episodes 3 times after that but nothing happened. My chest ultrasound car back normal.

Went to go at 6 weeks appointment where I was asked postpartum blood test with glucose test as I had gestational diabetics. Went this week to collect my report and found my liver function test elevated to the old one down in emergency ggt was 87 on feb 16 which is not 601 in may 22

My gp is suspecting stone in gall bladder. Have my abdomen ultrasound tomorrow. It’s really worrying to see this spike.

Hope we get better soon and get some conclusion on this. Will keep u updated

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Hi again

Now I have more info I can relate to your pains.

In 2010 I was suffering with pains in back, chest and right side, felt nausea too! Was sent for ultrasound and heard nothing from GP so I carried on with the discomfort! Idiot! 2015 mentioned this to doc again and was sent for another unltrascan ! Radiologist said why do you still have your gallbladder as our previous report highlighted numerous stones. Second scan highlighted multiple stones and emergency operation was successfully done by key hole surgery! First report lost!

Try your best not to eat any fatty foods including dairy or in very small amounts! Sometimes curries can make your pain worse! It's all about keeping a food diary to see if anything kicks your pain off as I'm presuming you don't have it 24/7 or do you!

Gallstones can also raise your GGT's so if you do have a gallstone/s your GGT should possibly return to normal if gallbladders removed!

Don't worry about op if it happens as it's so common these days, I was back to work in a week or it may have been 10 days.

Remember to eat healthly!

I look forward to you update and good luck tomorrow


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Hh12b in reply to

Thanks for your response again. I don’t have any pain now apart from my blood test report which is abnormal. Only had Discomfort 4 times after postpartum. During that time I had severe indigestion and pain on right upper abdomen and chest. It got better once I Crossed 6 weeks.

My gp is suspecting stones just because of the pain I had before. Will see what happens.

Thank you again


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Hope you get sorted soon, sounds awful for you, all that going on.

Hi what is spike

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Spike to me means a jump an increase in something like blood test!

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Good luck Hh12b. Let us know how you go x

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Just had my ultrasound and found out it’s the gallstones. Almost 10 waiting to check with my doctor.

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