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ALT elevation, Liver question

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Hi everyone first post ... so here it goes I’m 34/f, fit, I use to drink (mild, just causally). I am seeing a heptologist due to mild fluctuating ALT over the last few years and my ggt is elevated too. MRI normal, ultrasound normal x2 , had a liver biopsy normal but they didn’t get enough of a sample, so I will be getting another one in June. I have been tested for autoimmune that was negative. Blood work Galore has been done. I was on Zoloft and birth control for years I recently stopped all medication a few months ago and alt is still slightly elevated. I’m a nurse so I see big bad and over research everything...ugh. My mental and emotional state is all over the place. Sick on my stomach about it, I guess from reading up on everything. Everything keeps pointing to alcohol, alcohol abuse... when I was younger I partied a bit but not crazy, enjoy wine with the girlfriend here and there ...

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I've had over 10 years of whacky results with numerous negative scans and biopsies and they have never found the cause so we don't worry about it now 🤷‍♀️

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thanks for your reply my alt has been all over the place the the 50’s, teens, 20’s and low 100’s . A few weeks ago is was 52, ggt 150’s. So weird.

Hi, forgive me for asking but what is your weight, exercise and eating like? If you are overweight you need to get the weight off, sensibly, exercise and eat super healthy and exercise.

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I’m like 54kg

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Is that good?

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118lb 5’3” yeah

Have you been tested for insulin resistance? GGT and ALT numbers can increase with weight gain and pre diabetes, even in the absence of diabetes insulin resistance can hide behind the scenes, just a thought 💭

I’ll check into it thanks .... I have blood sugar on occasion... idk I have a liver biopsy in a few months. Better safe the. Sorry I’m not looking forward for another biopsy.

Hi, it seems I'm in a slightly similar position to you. I'm 28/m, had mildly elevated GGT for years, probably due to binge drinking. Recently I've had fluctuated increases in my ALT and increased GGT elevation, along with RUQ pain and nausea, along with other things such as headaches and feeling tired and run down. I too have had loads of bloods, and an US which they said was clear. I've not really binge drank for a while due to baby arrival last year, and since I've felt crap I haven't touched a drop which is now 11 weeks. But still none the wiser, I'm at the stage where the docs cant find anything wrong!? I may have to request to go down a similar route and be referred....

hope you get done answers soon.

Our story sounds exactly the same yeah I have my second biopsy in June, I completely stop drinking I’m so anxious over the whole thing. I think my right sided pain is in my head. I would think my ultrasounds and MRI would of shown something of it was serious ??? The unknown is the worst. But my doctor made a good point the numbers are a average so maybe some people just run slightly high. Best of luck to you.

Well had blood work done my numbers were trending down about a month ago AST normal and ALT 52, but a few days ago I became sick and had a random blood drawl. My AST/ALT were both elevated. AST 58/ALT 108 the highest they have been. I have been nauseous and extremely worried I keep thinking the worst still. Currently waiting on my liver biopsy to be scheduled.

Any updates on how you are feeling?

So I had my second liver biopsy and my heptologist said it looks completely normal. The liver biopsy was so much better then my last one. Get conscious sedation if you have to get one. I still get pain in that general area but I believe my anxiety made a lot of my symptoms.

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