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Worried that my fatty liver is really cirrhosis.


Hi I’m pretty shy and only posted once.three years ago I had a blood test that came back with Abnormal liver result butI didn’t find out untill a year after that I had hepatitis c.(no clue where from or when I contracted it)after not hearing the results I assumed everything was normal as the doc told me they’d contact me if anything was abnormal.i had a call a year or so later off a gp who then gave me a hep c test that was possitive.wasnt happy and attended the liver doctor for fibroscan and treatment.im now cured of hep c but having unwanted few problems and I’m worried it’s damaged my liver bad.i have also got very bad arthritis that’s deformed my fingers and I think it’s been made bad by the hep c but not sure as it only started the time I found out I had the virus.im now having bad pain in most of my fingers and bony lumps and deformities 😭.im also very tired and have zero energy and sharp pains in my tummy but docs are not finding why apart from a fatty liver they detected after a ultrasound scan.iv had lots of blood test that come back as no further action required .im waiting on a X-ray result that I had done to say why I am getting sharp stabbing pains On the left side of my stomach .im so worried about what’s wrong as Iv read about false test results and wanted advise on if the gp could be wrong with my diagnosis and mistake a fatty liver with something worse like cirrhosis that’s making me tired and giving me pain on and off.i don’t have yellow skin or eyes and my doctor isn’t saying much apart from don’t worry,but I am as I got no life in me and even my hairs falling out with worry😫😭🥺I feel 70 not 46.

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I'm so sorry you aren't feeling good. Go back to your Dr and insist on an MRI scan, this should detect if there's anything wrong. Have you got someone who could go with you as an advocate! Take care Lynne

bel-inda in reply to Hidden

Thankyou.i will see the doctor and ask,Iv got my daughter but don’t want her to worry as she is pregnant with my second grandchild so il do it alone so I don’t cause any worry.thankyou for the advise it’s good that there are people who care and being able to talk about it is great as my mental health is suffering due to the worry and anxiety.the strength of others I have read about is helping me through it and il get it sorted or try to deal with what ever is to be.🙂x

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Pm me if you need to. It must be so hard being upbeat when you are with your daughter. Have you got a friend or family member who you could confide in? Love and hugs Lynne xxxx


Hi and welcome to our forum,

We are sorry to read you are feeling unwell and worried. Are you under the care of a liver specialist? They would be best placed to assess your liver and see if the Hep C affected it or not.

I note, you mention you have a fatty liver as well. Have you been diagnosed with Non Alcohol Related Fatty liver?

NAFLD can have different stages so you are quite right to want to find out more.

NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) have devised guidelines with the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) that state people diagnosed with NAFLD should have further testing to assess for their risk of fibrosis- stiffening or scarring in the liver.

The specific blood tests are Fib-4 score blood test or an Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) blood test. A specific scan called a FibroScan also estimates fibrosis.

You may want to discuss this with your own GP who will be able to look up the NICE guidance.

If you are in the Uk you could give us a call for a further chat, we have a nurse led service and it is open today until 3pm on 0800 652 7330

You are not alone, we hope you find the forum a supportive place to visit.


bel-inda in reply to Trust1

Hello,thanks for the message,I went for a fibro scan today and the doctor told me my liver is healthy and the score was 3,I’m so happy now and the worry has worn me out but for some reason they don’t need to see me again and I’m cured of hep c.happy days,hope your doing good and thanks for the support it means so much.xxx

Trust1Administrator in reply to bel-inda

Hi, That is great that you have had some reassuring results. Do keep on touch with your doctors and always check out any new symptom that may worry you. We are delighted that you have found our forum so supportive. We are always here if you need us

Trust1 :)

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