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Worried about my fatty liver :(

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Hey 👋 I’m Joe , for the past two years while finishing up college I began to experience slight fevers, dizziness, confusion , and abdominal discomfort. I went to the doctor and was told that everything was normal . She did mention that my liver enzymes were slightly elevated but nothing to be concerned about . She told me to eat healthier and put me on lexapro for anxiety .I thought nothing of it . Cut to December 2019 , I began to feel that discomfort turn into pain in my right side under the ribs. I got an Ultrasound done and was told that I had an enlarged fatty liver . At first I did not know what to think primarily because I didn’t know what it was . I went to the doc and got a full metabolic screening and my levels were high . I was sent home with instructions to diet and exercise. When I followed up my liver levels were back to normal . Here’s where things got weird . I thought since I was doing so well it would not hurt to have a few beers at a friends bday party . Big mistake , a week later and I am still feeling overheated and disoriented at times , not to mention the abdominal discomfort. I wonder if my liver is worse than my doctor told me it was . Would a few beers have this effect on me for an entire week after drinking ? I’m worried that my fatty liver is worse than was explained to me and my anxiety is doing back flips . Any advice would be appreciated . Ps I have a premature follow up with my doctor because of this and he is refusing to give me a referral to the Hepatologist for some reason as I believe a fibroscan is in order . Am I overthinking my symptoms and making my state worse ?

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Exercise your rights young man !!.

Pester the living daylights out of them. You’re doing it for you peace of mind. Tell them you’re not satisfied with the worry anxiety & stress you’re enduring right now.

In the mean time leave the alcohol alone completely. Start to concentrate on your dietary needs, & exercise. Use the links on the site to get an insight of knowledge and ideas. + of course chat with a few of your new friends on this wonderful forum, ( back to school ) 🤣. You will be amazed how much we’re all learning with the helpfulness from one and all. All best wishes.

Chrissie 👌

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99problem in reply to one2one

You’re right . I have an appointment tomorrow and I’ll be doing just that . Thanks for your response :)

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briccolone in reply to 99problem

Hi sounds very similar to me about 6 months ago - did they test for ggt and ast? I'm having these done on Friday. Keep us posted?

Good luck for a Friday Brick. First time? Ahh sorry - you said on a previous post not done yet 👎

well Miles it was a struggle persuading the GP who was very good I have to say based on my other liver tests which are bang on to push for ggt and ast. I have a history of high GGT anyway although recently only elevated at moderate levels. I'll be amazed if these don't show something out of kilter. I told him I thought I was experiencing mild brain fog and was it possible ammonia? He thought not based on my other bloods but we shall see...I'm convinced it's liver damage because it cant handle toxins properly any more-food additives etc...

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Hidden in reply to briccolone

Donald where's your trousers. "Out of kilter"?🤭

We nay mere Vino collapso u should be grand providing u avoid Italy. 🤔

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ThreeSmiles in reply to Hidden

Trust you feckle 😀

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briccolone in reply to Hidden

there's a moose loose about this hoose....

Good luck! Pester nicely 😀

So when you went to the doctor originally did you say that you drink? Because as well as eating healthily and excercising you should have given up drinking. Over those 2 years if you have continued drinking or stopped and binged recently then of course your symptoms will have returned. Not only does alcohol knacker your liver but it is a depressant and causes anxiety. I don't see any need to pester the docs. Just follow the advice you were given initially, stay off the booze for good and give your liver time to recover and so will your anxiety. However if you are suffering from severe confusion which your writing doesn't appear to show any signs of at all , you will need to be seen urgently and treated.

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99problem in reply to Laura009

I’ve never really been a binge drinker . Moderate at best . I do enjoy marijuana from time to time . But yes you are correct , I deviated from what the doc said and I’ve been feeling the effects for a solid week from ingestion . I had 3 beers and a shot that night . I’m pretty new to this conditions and since my levels were back to normal I thought it couldn’t hurt. I was so wrong . It hurts lol 😂

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Laura009 in reply to 99problem

Sadly you've learned the hard way but its not too late to turn it all around. Drugs too will only add to your anxiety plus paranoia and so much more. Don't put any more of this rubbish into your system... long term you will be so glad stopped.

Good luck


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99problem in reply to Laura009

I appreciate your feedback

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briccolone in reply to 99problem

Hmm marijuana -in my experience (although not a user myself) have seen close colleagues pretty paranoid through its use. It may be a factor as Laura says-it certainly wont help.....

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