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Hello - I'm a newby here

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Hello, I'm new on here and have found some really interesting posts. The reason I'm here is because my partner has been listed for a liver transplant due to cirrhosis. He has ascites and requires regular drains every 8/9 days. Today he had 16.5 litres drained (quite normal for him) now he is getting really bad stomache pains. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Cathy and welcome to the forum. I can't really help you over ascites. My fluid was in my legs and I never had to have any draining done but there are lots of people on here that have had it done and I'm sure that you will hear from someone soon. I hope your partners transplant comes soon. Best wishes. Alf

Hi Cathy


I have had ascites and I know they drained litres but I was in a coma at the time maybe someone will reply who has this procedure done when conscious.

Keep in touch I'm quite new to the group but I've learnt I'm not alone XX


Hi Cathy

I had a transplant and only had my tummy drained once. I can't help you I'm afraid as my one drain was fine. I hope he gets his transplant soon as it really does change your life.

Thinking of you both

Isabelle x

Hi Cathy, I was having drains once or twice a week and as long as he is not showing signs of an infection then I know the pain was normal, I was prescribed morphine because the pain got unbearable especially when I started filling with water a day or two after being drained ..

If it's bothering him maybe go get him checked out especially if it's a new symptom but if not see if they will prescribe him some decent pain relief x

Hi Cathy,

Welcome to the forum. I had ascities and was drained every 3 weeks, normally between 8 and 14 litres, eventually it eased off, the legs however remained huge, oedema. As the diuretics did not agree with my kidneys, not much could be done. Be very careful if you change the dressing after a drain, there is a high infection risk. I always made an appointment with the dressing nurse at my GP surgery, the day after a drain, a wise move.

Good luck, it’s hard work from here on in.


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