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Keep to topic please!

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Hi everyone,

A polite request to please keep posts on the topic of all things liver.

There have been recent posts and comments about religion that will always cause discussion and sometimes great upset to different members.

This is not the forum to do that.

Thank you for your continued support, all almost 15,000 of you!

Warm wishes

Trust1 and the admin

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It wasn’t me this time phew 😅.

I actively tried to stop it. Can I chuck in the Occasional liver joke pretty please 🥺?

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Trust1Administrator in reply to Brett11

Brett, your jokes are always welcome! ;)

in reply to Brett11

You better!

in reply to Brett11

Nor me. I mean the thing about religion.

Can’t do jokes never mind liver ones . Except this plagiarised one which is so me...

Alcoholism causes memory loss, liver disease, and memory loss.

It would definitely be nice to have religion be something that is always asked to be kept off this site. It's unfair for people to be preaching their views onto us all. While society is expected to not disrespect people for their religious beliefs it should be equally expected that they respect the atheist and agnostic beliefs that many members of this site possess. It's a medical forum and that has nothing to do with religion or God. The odd joke here and there between members who understand how to play nicely is one thing but wrath of God onto others type stuff from religious fanatics is a little daunting. I see some comments from this early morning by a member who was doing just that, (on what was other wise a great thread of chat on "Brett's 10p" post) have been taken down. I thank you Trust1 for stepping in on that one. 😊

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Brett11 in reply to

I agree totally.

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alfredthegreat in reply to

Well said that man!

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Wass71 in reply to

I could not agree more with your post!!! Thank you for standing up for us atheists!! X

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Brett11 in reply to Wass71

I’m not an atheist, I just hate everyone 😂

in reply to Brett11

God man, Brett, we all knew that!

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Roy1955 in reply to

It's all Gods fault!

SHE created the internet!

in reply to Roy1955

Wasn’t that Tim Berners-She?

in reply to Brett11

Definitely not the messiah then?

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