Completely off topic

Completely off topic

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I had to give up my very physically demanding job early this year due to the joys of my liver doing it’s thing. I’ve never been out of work and suddenly found myself day in day out sat at home with day time telly. Urgh.

Over the years a number of people had commented to me that I should write a book, I’d always liked the idea but never found the time. Sudden lightbulb moment later and here I was with nothing but time and a vague story rattling about in my empty head.

I’m pleased to say I have stuck at it and will be, all going well, writing the last few chapters this week. It’s a pure work of fiction and not related to my “journey” or anything like that.

So as I draw near to the end I thought I would reach out to my larger liver family and ask if anybody has any experience in publishing or editing fictional stories. I have looked at publishing an eBook but my hearts desire is to walk into a book shop and see my book on a shelf. I’m old fashioned like that.

Any help from a novice wannabe author would be greatly appreciated.

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  • No advice sorry x but good luck with it . 😊

  • Well done in getting your book publish has it been written from the heart (or the liver). I'm not sure how old you are but there used to be an American TV series called Sledge Hammer this was back in 1986. I take it this is an American thriller then?

  • Hi Richard, no I wasn’t aware, hopefully the slight spelling change won’t cause any copyright issues. Looking at the American show my book is worlds apart.

    I’m not published yet, that’s where I’m seeking help. This is most definitely a British based thriller. No disrespect to American thrillers but I’m a true believer in writing what you know.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • One of my favourite authors is/was Simon Kernick. I've read all his books, the reason being is that a lot of his stories were about and based around North London. This was an area I knew quite well. So when you read a story it was possible for you to not only just relate to the story, but to be able to visualise each street and even the shops as your memory cells still carry all those images. So, if the character for example was to come out of say, Burnt Oak underground station and walk up Watling Avenue. I can see all the shops etc in my minds eye. This is why I believe reading can be so good for dementia suffers as it helps to re-a-waken those long lost memories that are still there.

    I sent an email to Simon about a thriller I had in my head base around a mix up of a killers DNA. He liked the story and said that this really needed to be written by myself he encouraged me to have ago, but that's as far as I went. It's still in my head.

    I assumed that your book was based in American as you have said the character was a disillusioned cop. Maybe copper or an old fashioned Rozzer? Just a thought.

  • "Sledge Hammer!" is a spoof on the tough rebel cop movies and dramas that were hitting their stride in the mid-1980s. Strongly influenced by "Dirty Harry," Sledge Hammer is a tough-talking, mirror-sunglasses-wearing detective. He would shoot a jaywalker as readily as he would a fleeing escaped convict -- and he seems happy to do it. His best friend is his pearl-handled, oversized .44 Magnum that he sleeps with and even talks to. Constantly suspended from the force, his case is usually solved and he is redeemed by his female partner.

  • My husband has used amazon for all his publishing needs he has just completed his fifth novel and it seems to work very well, you can take your books to local booksellers and see if they will rack them too as well as organize local book signings etc. Getting a actual book publisher is very difficult unless you have an agent and write full time. Good luck!

  • Hi identity 😁. What a fab idea ! Unfortunately i cant help you with your question but i hope it gets published .i for one would purchse a copy .im soooo fed up with tests after tests. Not just for my cirrhosis but i now have fatty liver on top of which i was under the impression that fatty liver came before cirrhosis🤔.. was told off tuesday at QE hospital because of my diet. I now struggle to walk due to a degenerative hip problem that could be something else .so a double MRI is needed .i get so bored .. i dont watch tv at all in the day .im usually researchering my ailments lol . Good luck 🤞👍

  • Sorry you’re having a hard time of it at the moment. Stop googling ailments and get yourself a few good reads.

    Thanks for your encouragement.

  • Thank you identity 😊. Im terrible for surfing the net . I have bought 3 books in the last 2 months so best start reading .

    Your most welcome .hope all works out for you ..

  • Writing a book is an incredible achievement - go you!

    I do have some experience, and Im afraid it wont sound very encouraging ! Sorry!

    Basically its:

    Find a literary agent

    Find a publisher

    Pay for Vanity publishing

    Use a limited print run service -used to be 1,000 copies, you may get less these days.

    Go down the ebook route.

    You should definitely find several people who will read it through for you and give you an objective opinion. Not people who'll tell you how fab you are cos although thats nice it wont help you if you're serious! Feedback helps you improve. It WILL need proper editing!

    I have sold my books for kids into bookshops & supermarkets, (youre right, its a great feeling to see them on the shelf & do signings) but is about 7 yrs since I gave it up, so some things have changed.

    Practical things you can do - get yourself an upto date copy of the Writers Yearbook.

    Buy it or library.

    Its full of info you'll find very useful, including lists of literary agents and publishers.

    Its always been the way that one has an agent who then finds you a publisher.

    Its as hard, if not harder to find an agent to take you on as it is to get a publisher to publish you.

    This is as much about being a numbers game as it is about the quality of your book.

    This is all down to economics - Publishers are the ones who pay the costs of getting books on the shelves. So they want to be sure they have a good chance of making money. Thats the bottom line!

    Look up how many books get published every week/month - you'll be staggered!

    Journalists and teachers always used to do better because its expected that they have the necessary writing skills....its incredibly hard to get published:(

    Things have changed considerably with the advent of E-books, as they are so much cheaper and easier to produce.

    I think Amazon were introducing (may already do) limited print run - may be worth looking at.

    I would advise you to stay well away from "vanity" publishers who will charge you huge amounts for the privilege and no one really takes them seriously.

    Bookshops are very wary of giving precious shelf space to anything that wont sell immediately. All those big displays you see in any bookshop are paid for by the publisher! Premium space by the front door is for the mega sellers.

    Have I put you off??

    You have to know that even if you so nothing further with it, finishing a novel really is a huge achievement!

    Theres nothing wrong with getting it typed up and bound and letting your family/friends read it.

    At the very least, do this!

    Anything more will be a lot of time and energy to pursue seriously.

    I really really hopes this helps in some way.

    Good luck!

  • Yeah I am expecting the actual writing to be the easy bit. I’ve done a fair bit of research on the internet but wanted to complet my manuscript before actually approaching anyone.

    Literary Agent is my top priority now. Try to find somebody willing to take a punt.

    Every established author has to start somewhere. Would love to be able to actually make a living from writing but like I said going to a book shop and just seeing my book on a dusty old shelf would make me happy. Or better yet in years to come to find a well thumbed copy in a charity bin or on a GPs waiting room book shelf.

    No you haven’t put me off. I can be a stubborn wotsit.

  • Cool! Good for you:) Feel free to DM if I can help. Good luck!

  • how amazing writing a book I read althe time .

    Never with out one. I do hope you are successfull I would love to read it👏👏

  • No advise but good luck. Hope you get it published. X

  • Hi cannot help but Good Luck and once published let us know the name of the Book.

  • Good luck, hope it gets published xx

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