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Tender Liver

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Hi all, hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I have stage 2 liver disease and fatty liver due to hemochromatosis. If I press on my liver it is really tender and has been for a while. But now it feels sore without touching it. Does anyone else experience this? It would be good to be able to just ask questions to a doctor when needed, but like everyone else, I have to wait months for an appointment with my consultant!

best wishes


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Hi Marie

I put a post on not long ago regarding a similar problem.

I too feel like my liver is site with and without touching the area it doesn't happen all the time my consultant is sending me for an ultrasound but didn't seem particularly worried.

Good luck keep us posted.


Ooops sore

I do have stage 2 fatty liver as well now I m taking homeopathic treatment from past 2 months and really have relief . I had gastric issues + abdominal pain but after I took medicines from homeopathic doctor all trouble is gone . I'll get a ultrasound soon to check but for now there is no symptoms and trouble

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