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I hope all are well ..I was diagnosed with fatty liver in December of 2016 I quit drinking and lost weight it has been 8months and my enzymes have slowly climbed back up ( ast53 at 79) I just don't understand if my liver is supposed to be getting better why are the counts going up :( has anybody else we r thro this? Any comments will be greatly appreciated. ..feeling so down and out. :, (

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  • My doctor just tells me that "labs fluctuate". I usually have my bloods drawn first thing in the morning. I remember I had them drawn after a brisk 5km walk to the hospital in the afternoon. It was supposed to be only in order to check the immunization for Hepatitis B, so the people at that department couldn't care less about the hour. But they draw blood for the hepatologist just the same, as well. Result: labs all over the place.

    It is also a typical reaction that LFT's first rise after a period of abstinence. That is paradox, but does happen.


  • 4 months after I stopped alcohol my enzymes wereally ast43 although 61 ...so they went up more...I just worry my liver is not getting better...

  • Mine were at AST 42 ALT 36 and rose again to 70 and 68. The hepatologist was not impressed. Not to the leastest. They look for different stuff in order to see if you are getting better.


  • I don't drink, but have been overweight most of my life. I was dx w/fatty liver & ITP in 2015. My liver levels went up in Feb 2017, & my GP sent me to a GE. She did several labs, & I was then dx with Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, which can affect your lungs & liver.

  • A fatty liver can be a symptom of Cirrhosis of the liver. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver in 2013 thru an Ultra Sound besides blood work. My GP never said to get it checked out. In 2016 a year ago I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver. Due to the fact that anything you eat or drink or any medication even herbal can affect the Liver. I am on a 2000 mg low sodium and am supposed to have 60-90 mg of Protein a day. Anti inflammation med. are bad for the liver as well. If you have not seen a Liver Specialist I would recommend you do. I feel if I had seen one sooner I may have prevented some damage. No drinking was a good start but the liver does not repair itself. Getting the proper information from a Liver specialist was the best thing for me. My spleen is enlarged as a result of liver damage too. Any over the counter meds affect the liver too. Most are not good. I hope I helped you. Do not let it get you down. Stress is bad for the Liver. Hard to do I know. Some days I feel like there is no hope for me and cry all day, but reality is to take care of your Liver the best you can and mine has been stable for 11 mo. now with the meds I take for that and diet.

  • I was told I had fatty liver after an ultrasound but never given any advice about what to do. Sorry to read that you get so upset but try and remain strong. Do you have someone you can talk to? Sometimes that helps. Wishing you well for the future xx

  • My liver specialist seems to have wiped his hands off me since i fell off the wagon in 2015 after being told i was being treated for cirrohsis in 2012 ,I was not given any advice about my nutrition even though i see a gastreonterology nurse every six months for bloods and Abdominal ultra scans so in september iam going to put my foot down an see where iam up to.

  • Hi all

    It is true that your liver function tests can fluctuate and so the GP will do repeated tests to look for general trends.

    Weight loss for NAFLD is good but crash diets and rapid weight loss are not recommended. Please have a look at our publication on NAFLD on our website here:


    We also have information on diet here: britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...

    I hope this helps.

  • ps i forgot to say in my last post since 2015 on and off i havnt drank in over a year now ,

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