Liver tenderness

Hello all hope you are all as well as can be

What my question is I have cirrohiss, child Pugh score of A, I know my liver is enlarged, and has been for some time, not due to see my heptologist for scan until 29th June, I have noticed the past week, my liver area very tender and sore, no pain, just wondered if anyone else had this, and had any idea of what it may be. That is. Annette

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  • Hello. I think you should phone and discuss initially with the secretary of the hepatologist. Knowing where you are treated, the hepatology appointment and the ultrasound appointment are linked to the same day, so a logical thing would be to see if you can bring both appointments forward - that could be difficult unless it is requested by the consultant. Alternatively they may want to do a CT or other investigations, so theycan be evaluated when you go in June - I would ask the hepatology secretary to discuss with your team and to phone you back. Failing that you could see your GP and ask what they think - they could do investigations at your local hospital and sent the results to the liver unit. In answer to your question I also have cirrhosis and Child Pugh A - I have had episodes of acute liver pain lasting a few hours at a time for many years, but infrequent. My main problem is night time nausea, typically occurring at 2am - 4 am . Good luck and let us know how you get on

  • Thanks Games maker

    I will certainly do as you suggested, funny enough I have been getting sick off and on every few months, like gastroenteritis, but you don't keep getting that every couple months do you? I will ring today and see if they can bring it forward, if not try gp seen what he says, will let you know, thanks again. Annette

  • I have the same problem, I am tender in the liver area all the time, the tenderness also goes through to my back. I am up in Kings College on Wednesday. I am going to discuss it with my spececialist. Regards Wackie

  • Hi Wackie that's exactly what I am going to do, mind you I have had a bit of discomfort in back area, only when I walk though, who is your consultant if you don't mind me asking, I am also at kings under Professer O'Grady hope your visit goes well. Annette

  • Thank you for your reply. My consultant is Dr. Devlin at Kings and Dr. Aspinall in Portsmouth.

  • Thank you I hope to get some answered to some questions.

  • i think most of us with cirrosiss get pain around the liver i get it and around the spleen tend to get a lot of stabbinging pains under ribs by liver then a dull pain for a day but they dont seem to be able to do any thing hope you fare better

  • Thanks rickyrocket1

    Its not pain as such just discomfort that is always there, just annoying really, hope yours not to bad. Annette

  • Thank you for you reply, my consultant is Dr. Devlin.

  • Hi jmears

    Yes I have heard of Dr Devlin. Thanks again

  • I do think most people that have liver problems tend to get this kind of discomfort around the liver area....i have cirrhosis and have been getting this on and off for the last few year..i think it has something to do with the capsule surrounding the liver that causes the pain when the liver becomes inflamed it swells up pressing against the area of the liver causing a nagging pain under the rib cage and mostly the right side of the back in my case....some doctors say that the liver does not cause pain..oh yes it does!

  • I tend to agree with you Ballie52

    It is very uncomfortable, see what heptologist says next month, thanks for advice, hope you are doing OK. Annette

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