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Yellow skin

Ok i’ll start off with my age! Im 38 years old and this week i have yellow skin and my wife said my stomach looks bloated. I drink socially every night after work. I have a few glasses of wine with clients. When i get home I probably have a few vodka’s for a night cap. Other than the funny coloured skin and a little bloated around the tummy area i feel fine. I work 6 days a week and i have no tiredness or anything like that. A few years ago i had an LFT (because gp said i was drinking too much!) and it came back all within range so it can’t be my liver. I was just wondering has anybody else had these symptoms. I haven’t bothered with google search results as they are all bogus. Thanks. John.

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Go back to your doctor, failing that you could approach the local hospital Gastrology department directly, I took that path.

Avoiding Dr Google is a superb plan.

I was one of the clients.

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If people are noticing that you have yellowing skin and you are noticing a bloated tummy it is well worth getting checked out again. Liver function tests would perhaps show an elevation of bilirubin in your blood which is the cause of yellowing of the skin / jaundice. It is worth knowing that even some people with advanced liver disease (to the degree of cirrhosis) can actually return normal blood results as its the bits of the liver that are still coping that actually give off the LFT results - it doesn't necessarily reflect the bits that arn't working. A scan such as an ultrasound or fibroscan would be worth requesting too.

Get checked out again, from what you are reporting in your post you are drinking way in excess of the recommended guideline limits. Many people don't learn they have cirrhosis until the more serious symptoms start to arise, take action now before you get there.

Have a read at the BLT guidance on alcohol and the liver. and about cirrhosis


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Exactly what I would have said Katie. Dont read Dr Google and get some more in depth tests done. LFTs can be quite misleading. Not always but everyone on this site knows they can be normal even in bad liver states.

Get help from the expert as soon as possible please contact them at once

All the best

Hello Johnathan, Yellow skin is often a symptom of liver disease. One can have normal liver enzymes and still have liver disease. The fact that your abdomen is distended could be another sign of liver disease called ascites (or fluid in the abdomen). Liver disease usually does not cause symptoms until it progresses. If I were you, I would see a GI/liver specialist. The beauty of the liver is that it can heal itself if the cause is found, and you follow your doctor's recommendations. I have had fatty liver for years and my liver is just now beginning to show signs of scarring. If you still drink, stop it. Go to AA or bite the bullet and just STOP. Make a point to eat healthy foods, preferably a lot of plant based foods. Go see a doctor, and best wishes to you.

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In BBC speak, other services are available, apart from AA. Whatever works for the individual.

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I think hes a drinking buddy of the idiot on here yesterday dont you ? X

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Most likely, I doubt he remembers ‘the best day of his life’ xx

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Lol can you imagine ?!

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I don’t think these types of comments are appropriate here. We are supposed to be trying to support one another. Everyone is one their own journey and it is not our place to judge.

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Exactly, he came for advice and support, we have all offered it and hes chosen to continue to drink despite all the help and facts being laid out in front of him. There are people on here who have been through hell with drink addiction, have and still are battling with the illnesses and damage done to their bodies. They are here trying to prevent others from facing the same deadly consequences. So when you get the likes of the 2 'hiddens' rideculing and make flippant remarks about alcohol never affecting them, people who genuinely need help feel, quite rightly this site is no place for them.

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This site is for anyone that wants to be here. You don’t get to decide who this is a place for. The fact that they are on the site to begin with means that they are taking steps... sometimes it takes some people longer than others to get to where they need to be. Sometimes when I give advice if I don’t feel people are taking it I just move on, I don’t bother with the name calling i.e “idiots”.

Merry Christmas


Hi Johnathon

I urge you to stop drinking straightaway and go see your GP.

Your probably aware your drinking far to much and with the traditional drinking season upon us your health could be in serious risk

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Too young to stop yet. I’ll be fine just need to take it easy. Got xmas party tonight and last year i downed a 70cl vodka in about an hour! Probably the best day of my life working for that company.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll be fine.

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Wow am sorry but why the hell did you post on here 😡

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You won’t, I’ve been there, now with a new liver. Get to a doctor. STOP drinking, tell people you are on antibiotics or something.

My history, I bought widgets, your company makes widgets, you sell them. We meet up, pub, restaurant, anywhere that sells booze. Neither of us really care about widgets, you buy the drinks using the company card, we drink the drinks and enjoy ourselves, we don’t really talk about widgets. You settle the tab, your company picks up the bill. (Do you work in the Graphic Arts Industry?). You have already damaged your liver, yellow colour is elevated bilirubin, extended stomach is ascities, are you still with me, LIVER Disease.

Get to a medical professional immediately, think George Best. You would not have come to this forum if you didn’t realise you have a problem. You are not stupid, end the denial.

Sorry to be harsh, I needed a transplant. Livers do not sit on shelves waiting for a convenient time to fit your schedule.


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Please please make these people read what Ive just written to SRE3

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“I’ll be fine”

I remember saying that.

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Lol "I'll be fine". See you after the transplant, assuming you make it there!

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Tell him to read my story !!!

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You are a already seriously addicted, you have a massive drink problem already. Its evident in your " Im alright Jack" attitude. Im telling you right now if you carry on like you are you will be dead before your reach 50 and prior to that you will put your wife and family through absolute hell. I know, Ive been there. Wake up and grow up !

She will be on this forum herself before long just like SRE3 crying out for help and support for her chronically ill, alcohol addicted husband and I'll still be here writing out my story again and again until people like you realise you are pouring nothing more than a legallised poison into your bodies, wrecking your minds, livers and kidneys, just another rotting statistic in the graveyard. Thats a fact !

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You sound so proud are you expecting us to congratulate you on your achievement?

Last year friends started to comment on my skin, and eyes looking a 'bit yellow'. I felt fine - three months later I ended up in hospital with severe alcoholic hepatitis, I nearly died!

They also discovered I have cirrhosis.

I'll be fine I kept telling myself, I'm just enjoying life, what's life without a drink, then BAM!

Please don't be as wreckless as I was - I'm lucky to be alive to regret it, fortune may not be as kind to you my friend.


Are you for real?

Who the neck comes on a forum of people with major liver problems and spouts such rubbish. Age is NOT a protector of a liver from excess alcohol consumption/serious drinking problem. Even Dr Google tells you the symptoms of jaundice and that lft results change week by week.

The fact that you said lft suggests you know this.

If you are genuine get help now. If not, also get help now

For Gods sake read SRE3 post and cry for help, then read my reply ( in 2 parts)

Get to the doctor or hospital soonest it all points towards liver problems my wife had to have a liver transplant she only used to drink wine and beer and not too great amounts she then went on to vodka drank about 1/4 bottle a day and only for about a year different people different results

Also from what I have been told vodka is the worst drink for screwing the liver

Hope it all works out fine for you


Are we getting an increase in BOTS or Trollers on this site? Seems we are getting alot of Asshats coming on and posting about liver issues and when we all respond they just want to laugh our advice off and justify their drinking. Then all of a sudden their profile disappears. Are these even real people posting? Seems to be happening alot this week or is it just me?

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This thread is very similar to the “coarse liver on USS” thread.

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My thoughts exactly

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Sounds like a wind up to me!

Please go see your doctor!!

You are quite young to have these symptoms. My opinion is you are drinking too much and it has affected your liver.

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...... and brain !!

Please see a Dr asap, read what people have put and start acting on their advice.

As your invincible and convinced your A okay I think you need to make preparations, before your brain is damaged. You need to write a will. Whether you will have anything to bequeath is another matter. You are very like to lose your job, so your money will dry up. Pay in advance for your funeral too, this will save family and/or friends having to pay and you can make known your wishes ie burial,cremation. etc. Select your hymns or music for the service. 'I will survive' would be ironic? Trying to get life insurance is likely too prove difficult, if you dont declare your an alcoholic it will be invalid when your gone. If you have children best to apologise to them now, In the latter stages you may not be able to do this, . Dedicated medics will do all they can to save you, however if you request DNR' ,Do not resuscitate Your wish to commit suicide will not be hampered further. I to had normal bloods on my LFT. I have cirrhosis. Not alcohol related but I asked for a second opinion. on my previous fibroscans. Saw a Professor of Hep. I have zero symptoms ! I am sure your wife will see what you are doing in a totally different light too. She is welcome to join because people like Laura have the courage to share their heartbreaking stories.Your wife may decide she can't watch you killing yourself , but you have love a plenty from your alcohol .If you drive then eventually you will be breathalysed, hopefully before you kill someone. Morning after drinking convictions are rising.

Best get started on these plans, Not seeking help medically means you have no idea when your number will be up. Its the very least you can do in the circumstances!

Hi My son was yellow and .eyes too with swollen stomach and admitted to A&E on Xmas eve.He still in hospital having been diagnosed with decompensated cirrhosis Ascites and jaundice.I would advise you to get checked out as I was telling my son his eyes were yellow on the bottom and he was dismissing it.You say your working and feel ok but this disease creeps up suddenly so be safe and get checked out

Wishing you all the best

Badjerboys mum

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Hi, how is your son, now?

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