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24 year old, yellow poop

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i was a heavy drinker (8 pints a day) for 3 years, was admitted to hospital on the 7th oct 2017 after streaks of blood in my vomit. After a 12 hour wait where i thought i was dying(worst experience of my life) i was seen by a doctor who gave me a physical assessment and ran my bloods which test i dont know but they said they where normal, initially i was so happy.

i have been sober since (22 days) but i am still having worrying symptoms . i feel hungry but dont want food, i have a dry mouth but most worryingly of all i have constant loose yellow stools(no visible jaundice or brown urine) i had these when i was drinking but put it down to quick bowel movement due to excessive drinking but with the alcohol now removed i fear its a sign of damage beyond repair.

i am going to my GP tuesday

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Hi yellow stools can be caused by high bilirubin which can cause jaundice and dark urine as you mentioned, you can have one symptom and others appear later but as you have stopped drinking (congratulations on doing that) it may take a while to disappear BUT on the safe side go to your GP explain to them what's happening and I am sure how will do your bloods again just to double check x

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First of all welcome whiskertron. Thanks for sharing this. This experience should be treated as a wake-up call. Normally when blood comes up from the stomach, it's a dark brown colour, (I think they call it coffee granules in the medical profession). The same could be said for dark stools too. Both of these are signs of possible internal bleeding. There is a condition associated with cirrhosis called Varices, (variceal bleeding). I had my variceal bleed on the 3rd December 2014 and that was my wake-up call. I've not had a drink since.

I have put together my own website about Alcohol-related liver disease, and I cover Varices on this site: taep.eu/index.htm the article can be found under the heading, "Medical Consequences" there is a video of a endoscopy procedure which shows the bleed. This film clip (which can be enlarged to full screen) is rather graphic, for which I make no apologises.

Your doctor may call for you to have a liver function test, and then based upon the results other tests (including a endoscopy) may be required. I should point out that I'm not medically qualified, but I have experienced all the conditions associated with Alcohol-related liver disease.

I hope all goes well with your doctor visit on Tuesday. Please let us know how it goes. You've come to the right place as the British Liver Trust and the people who use this forum are full of useful information.

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BellaKent in reply to Hidden

Thank you for sharing your website- very informative and I learnt a lot.

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Thank you Bella.

When I first had my scare on the 3rd Dec 2014, I asked the then consultant why there wasn't any more information about Varices, Ascites, and Hepatic Encephalopathy out there in the public domain? I had never heard of them at the time. He just replied, "what would be the point, they wouldn't take any notice anyway". That's when I started my crusade of awareness, and to make this information more available. At least once people know of the possible consequences then it's their choice as to whether to accept of ignore it. At least they can't say, "I didn't know" or "Nobody told me".

I do believe knowledge is power, and power can make a change.

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BellaKent in reply to Hidden

I think you've done an amazing job there Richard.

I came on this fantastic site full of helpful lovely people to try and understand and help my friend with Cirrhosis. Sadly he doesn't want to learn and due to recent severe nastiness and continuous insults from him I just have had to tell him his behaviour isn't ok. He hasn't had alcohol for 6 months but I think he has Hepatic Encephalopathy but won't seek help. It's a hard situation trying to help and being only one person that does. His family and friends cut him off years ago.

I keep suggesting this site and I will ask him to look at your website but I think he's burying his head in the sand.

Thank you again and I wish you and everyone on here the very best X

I have the same , I've had loads of tests , ultrasound and endoscopy and my doctors have put it down to ibs , yellow loose stools is very common with ibs ,good luck at the doctors

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jojokarak in reply to Naomi39

I think your doctor's are crazy. I have suffered with IBS since I was born and not once did I ever experience yellow stools until I was diagnosed with cirrhosis and my bilirubin went off the wall

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Naomi39 in reply to jojokarak

I've had loads of tests done including , bloods ,ultrasound , endoscopy and stool sample and all clear apart from my lft is a bit high , I've spoke to other people with ibs and especially ibs d and they say they are the same .

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Kpexxx in reply to Naomi39

Yeah me too i was having yellow stools for a about two years and then started getting dull ache over right ribs so i went to the doc and she did a liver test and it came back normal but i was still scared so she let me do an ultra sound which showed i had mild fatty infiltration

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Melania37 in reply to Kpexxx

Hi Kpexxx,has you problem with yellow stools fixed?were only yellow or greasy as well

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