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Started getting a numb / tingly feeling on face mainly left side that goes down to chin.. Not painful.. Maybe something to do with the nerves? Head also feels very numb.. or like a pressure feeling.. anyone else experienced anything like this? Not sure if I should go to gp or not.. brain MRI was clear few months ago so I'm baffled .. can toxins from liver cause this?

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Hi ktan49

Any new onset of symptoms should always be assessed by a doctor.

Best wishes


You NEED to get check out a.s.a.p. facial numbness as I am sure you know can be a sign of a TIA or stroke. Ok, you had a clear MRI some months ago but the ongoing cognitive issues together with a facial tingle needs checking out.

Hope it isn't anything serious but i'd certainly be getting it checked - urgently.


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ktan49 in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks Katie, it comes and goes but I will give my gp a call in the morning to get an appointment


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AyrshireK in reply to ktan49

There is Bells Palsy which can also cause a facial droop but if you are having repeated episodes it does need checking and not ignoring - if it were to be a TIA then several small ones can be a pre-cursor to a full on stroke. We do have members who have had strokes with HE.

Get it checked.


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ktan49 in reply to AyrshireK

No drooping or loss of facial movement. Head feels like it's got elastic bands around it.. quite hard to explain the feeling. I'll definitely get this checked. Thanks

Hi ktan49,

Call your doctor's office, give them your new symptoms, and make sure they will call you back with their recommendations for what to do.

It might not be liver related, so to get an answer is best.

Best wishes,


I get this on my left hand side quite regularly along with tinnitus in my ear. I had MRI and nerve checks too. I'm now pretty sure after visiting a chiropractor that it is very much linked to my neck and muscle tensions in my face and head.

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AllHis in reply to Woodystar

Look up I couldn't believe both carotid arteries are effected. I have pulsatile tinnitus that drives me crazy at times...I am to avoid carapractic manipulation of my neck...

I had the same when I gave up drinking a couple of years ago. I didn’t see a doctor about it but put it down to alcohol withdrawal as it happened every time I stopped and would last for about 10 days from memory. It was like bugs crawling under my skin 😱

It can be from anxiety as well. It was for me. But yes see a doctor

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