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Energy levels and fatigue

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It took me over 6 months after Alcoholic Hepatitis to begin to feel a slight glimmer of normality returning.

My energy levels seemed to be improving all the time and I felt I was getting a bit of a spring back in my step. I kind of assumed I was just going to keep feeling better and better.

But the last month or so I've had serious fatigue and practically zero energy.

Like I'll get up, have a coffee and make some porridge and I'm worn out and ready to go back to bed again, after more or less no exertion.

It's making me depressed too after feeling so hopeful. I feel like I've no energy to do the small things I enjoy - it's just existence and bed at the moment.

Is this just something I should expect? I'm hoping it's not the start of something ominous.


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Hi Gary

I too am experiencing extreme fatigue my arms and legs ache.

I have been out of hospital over a year but it seems worse at the moment my blood shows high white blood count I don't know if this is anything to do with it, I go back to my GP soon.

But I'm knackered sorry for the language.


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grace111 in reply to bintcliffe

wishing you well Hayley keep your chin up im sure they will get to the bottom of it and get you feeling well again. love grace xoxo

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Hi Hayley

You don’t say what you were in hospital for/what happened?



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Hi Miles

Triple organ failure and pneumonia.

Which resulted in a 6 week stay in ICU, hdu, and general ward.

Ended up with cirrhosis of liver, a stroke, painful joints and slight brain damage.

It's a bloody wonder I'm still here but I am 😁.



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Omg you poor thing! Triple whammy ☹️. No wonder you are knackered... so aren’t you on treatment for cirrhosis? Brother in law had 3 strokes in a year and although physically you wouldn’t know it he does has extreme difficulty finding even the most common of words - sometimes but not always.

A lot of us who have had bad HE seem to get memory loss as a result - I know I have!

Why can’t you go back to your GP now? I know the magic words liver transplant have on our sometimes recalcitrant receptionists!! So you can reel off at least 3 significant things...

Best of luck Hayley 👍


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Hi Miles

I'm back on Monday for a liver scan so I will mention my fatigue then my bloods have come back normal first time in ages it could all be linked to the stroke I have a compensated liver nothing to brag about though.

I wish you and your brother in law well keep in touch.

Hayley 😃

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Ah well that’s good Hayley. I mean the appointment not all the other things!


Hey Gary have you had any recent scans done?

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Hi, no not recently. My 6 monthly app with the hep is due in March, so I assume they'll give me appts for US and gastroscopy before then.

My last ones were in September.


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Ok that's good that its coming up. Sometimes with alcoholic hep it takes some time for it to all settle down before they can see what's left. Not to say anything is going on but it's good that they are following up to make sure.

what about trying some grapes or light fruit in the morning that will give you energy. i know porridge is wonderful and healthy but it can still be more difficult to digest. i'd try light food during the day plenty fruit and maybe a bit salad and keep the foods that are slighter heavier and a bit harder to digest for later in the day, what ever you do try not to get depresses and getting strong and well again is not easy you have just had a burt of feeling better and it seems to have slowed down again but with the right foods eating them at the right time could correct this. i did this myself and ate food i new would give me instand energy and be easy to eat and not make me tired. mostly fruit some lightly steamed vegetables. rest when you need to and just focus on getting well. my thoughts are with you keep that chin up. youv' not come this far to fall into depression now. keep going is my motto. no matter what even if i make a mistake i wont hold on to the depression i will just start again and keep going, keep in touch and im sure things are going to get better again, love grace xoxo

Thank you Grace. I'll try that. Usually have fresh fruit with yoghurt for lunch so will try it for breakfast instead x

Hi Gary,

Good reply from Grace.

Regardless of your liver problem, depression is something that can hit any of us at any time. After everything you have been through it would be surprising if you didn't have periods when you feel extremely low. Shouldn't be forgotten that you have also had to deal with changing your life style when it comes to alcohol. Even after over a year 'clean' I'm sure it cant be easy for you.

My advice would be to make a visit to your GP and discuss not just your physical difficulties but your mood. There might be things that could be put in place to help you deal with the mental side.

In the meantime, follow the advice others have given you, especially the exercise bit. Believe in yourself and know that it really will get better. We have all been there and understand that its often hard to feel as positive.

Take care,



Try eating little and often. My Dr advised me to do that as everything I eat hurts around my liver area. I agree, try to see your GP re depression, he may be able to give you some pointers. Keep your chin up. Lynne

Hi Garyvh,

My husband has cirrhosis, but not the hepatitis so unsure of the effects of that.

Seems you have gotten some good suggestions from others here, so I'll wish you good luck at your next doctor appt.

Best wishes,


Hi Gary, I too have ups and downs with my F4 cirrhosis. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and stopped the booze immediately. I started to feel better after a few months, buoyed up by how easy it was to give up the drink. I too feel tired and achy all the time, but manage to stay awake during the day. I go to bed at 8pm, which is why my posts on here are always in the morning. I am on a downer at the moment, 'cause I am having upper chest pain within my rib cage, especially after eating. I too have a Hep doc appt in March, but after calling him, he has brought my US forward to next week, along with a chest xray to see what's going on. I like you, think it's sometimes two steps forward, one step back, but I think it's just the nature of the beast. I hope your fatigue and depression improves and just keep being encouraged by your progress so far.

Take Care, David

Hi Gary

I’m afraid I’m being dense again but what happens when you have alcoholic hepatitis? I mean do you end up in hospital, do you have treatment, do you have to give up alcohol ( I expect this answer is Yes?)


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