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Please help ! Some insight we're is your liver pain.

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Sorry for this repeat question I'm happy with one letter answers or what ever time you can spend answering my questions.

Im not sure if this is liver pain I'm getting as I think my pain may be in the wrong place. I've had Liver blood test that came back normal but my liver still feels numb not painfull (well I think it's my liver) I'm just aware something's up.

How would you best discribe liver pain?

Where do you get liver pain if any at all ?

Where did the pain start ?

Was it painful to touch your liver ?

Do you get shooting pains ?

Thank you for reading, sorry if I'm writing in the wrong section

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liver pain can be quite diffuse. I first started to get issues towards the groin area r.h.s which then transferred to right shoulder and then left shoulder. It wasn't exactly pain as such-more discomfort. The liver itself was never painful to the touch but then I had fatty liver so may not be a good guide for others with other types of liver disease. I guess that doesn't answer your question....

I never really had pain but a feeling like I had bruised ribs (A), and sometimes an awareness of my liver (E)

If your bloods came back normal I wouldn't panic.. sometimes paranoia can cause tremendous pain and symptoms. If you're defo feeling something's not right perhaps ask your gp to arrange bloods test for all your organs and have a scan. I have gallstones and sometimes it's hard to differentiate between liver pain or gall pain. In fact it took two years of sending me home with an inflamed gallbladder til i got admitted in January with liver failure that I even got diagnosed with aih and end stage liver disease. If you're worried push to get your gp to pay attention and if all comes back fine at least your anxiety will be better 😊

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Wow scary stuff huni xx hope your well xx

My liver pain is in the right upper quadrant partially under my ribs, it hurts in my back on my right side and across the top of my stomach. It can feel sore. Somedays I can't bend. I have 2 very painful spots also.

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ARojas in reply to RebeGarcia10

Do you have liver damage, or you think you may have?

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Trust1Partner in reply to ARojas

Hi, just to make you aware you are answering a post that is 3 years old, in case you do not get a reply. You may want to post a new thread?

Best wishes.

I get it just under my right bottom rib not painful that I'm doubled over but a dull ache it's does my head bit liver function is all over the place and now they surpect autoimmune disease x

Mine is right under my ribs in the top center of of my abdomen . There is a tender spot that I feel when I touch it. The pain causes my back to hurt sometimes too. It kinda feels like indigestion to me. I don't get shooting pains.

sorry to jump on your post, but could you experience liver pain also in your lower back region... about 3" above bum? also discomfort is felt in right upper arm heading towards top of shoulder?

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