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Update on my hubby!!

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Where do I start it's been a stressful week he still in hospital very swollen with fluid back on the riflaxmin low forusimide dose but water not budging much... Consultant thought it could be his heart causing it went for echo yesterday which I know he did and today junior doctors said no he ain't been for echo really my husband may have slight confusion but he knows is heart brain and liver??? Been so scared as he fell due to lack of sleep and had ct scan poor bugger as been in dismay thinking did I didn't I have echo today good news is they found the results is heart is fine... Used some medical term think it meant draining him as well and a ct scan of liver Sunday also there as been mention of Birmingham maybe I can sleep tonight other than his early morning 3am phone calls xxj

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Hopefully he will be more comfortable after his drain & you both might be able to get some sleep! Xx

Hi Ajeb75,

So sorry to hear that things are moving slowly still.

Best wishes,


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