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New to all this


Hi everyone x this is all new to me, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in May this year, I have had medication since July. I finished taking them on the 1 October. On the 10th my bloods came back as normal 👍👍👍👍 I’m so happy and can’t thank medical staff enough.... unfortunately it’s left me with Cirrhosis and I been told I’ve gotta stop all alcohol. I don’t know how to do this as I 1 like a drink Lager 2 have a social life with hubby family and friends,,,,,, I got hep c from a blood transfusion / dialysis in early 80 after having kidney failure, 32year of having a hep c as blown my mind. Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks

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It's a terrible shame that you've ended up with such advanced liver disease by such a chance and terrible manner. Great news on clearing the Hep C but you now have to preserve what's left of your liver otherwise more advanced cirrhosis symptoms will come along and sadly possibly the need for transplant if that is an option. Alcohol is such a strong toxin that your now badly damaged liver can't process it and any amount of alcohol is going to continue to attack your poorly liver. You do need to follow doctors orders on this and try to find a way to remove the booze from your life, even a social drink is too much now and alcohol will only hasten the demise of your liver. You should still be able to socialise with friends without the need for booze - there are plenty of alcohol free options out there whether it be the 'fake' booze free drinks which look like you are joining in with your mates or plenty of soft drink options. In the long run, not drinking now is going to give you a brighter future. Where drink is the cause of someones liver damage they can refuse transplant assessment until that person has proven abstinence and although your liver isn't currently damaged due to alcohol it will now be a contributory factor if you continue to drink with cirrhosis (even with the Hep C gone).

As your user name suggests, You can do this!!

All the best, Katie


Hi there

I echo everything that Katie has said, but would also like to add that you must ensure that you get an ultrasound and blood tests every 6 months going forward. Your GP should be aware of this as it is standard protocol.

All the best


I hope you have looked into getting compensation for the contaminated blood. I had two blood transfusions in February 1990 and had worried that I had contracted hep c from it. Fortunately for me I hadn't but for hundreds of people like you they had. Please abstain from alcohol, it is poison to the liver. I have a social life but I still enjoy it without alcohol. Try it, you might surprise yourself. Take care. Deb


I know truly I do how hard it is to give up social drinking. (Any drinking) I have given up when I was told I had Hep C, it had been in my body for 40 years and no one knew. It did untold damage, including cirrhosis, I gave up the day they told me. I am much older than you and it was easier for me, it will be hard as you have your peers who will all drink. Be strong, YOU can do it I believe you can. So buckle up and get ready for the next part of your journey you have to step up and get healthy. You cannot allow any more damage to your poor liver.

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