Boabo11 got a brand new liver (well new to him)

Hi all

Good news. Sunday evening sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, cos it's not fair why did I have to get this horrible hep c.

The phone rings transplant coordinator at ERI we have a liver are you interested. God yes!!! So an ambulance ride to the airport and air ambulance to Edinburgh. Procedure on Monday this is Friday I am doing well so far, back on ward 206. So far the best Christmas present possible.

Good luck to all of you I hope you all have a nice crimbo. Hope you get what you need

Respect and love to all thanks for the support, this forum has been a life line on bad days.

Progress reports will be made as things move along.

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  • Brilliant news Boab, so happy for you and glad you are already well enough for Ward 206. Keep us updated. Great Christmas pressie for you and fingers crossed things only go great from here on in.

    Load of love from Katie and Stephen xxx

  • Thanks katie gooluck to you 2

  • Wow, fab news. Keep us posted.

  • Cheers brolly

  • Well done! I had mine done a year ago last Tuesday (15 December) and was lucky enough to make it home for Xmas. Best of luck with the recovery - it truly is a life-changing and miraculous procedure. Take care, Jim.

  • Fab news, keep up the good recovery. Hope you make it home for Xmas, you have the best pressie ever. Prayers n thoughts with your donor & family

  • Afraid I was in ERI on Christmas day doc said I could go if I wanted but I am miles from any medical help and even further from the specialist in Edinburgh. I decided not 2 take the chance and spent Christmas in hospital. But I now have lots of Christmases to look forward to.

  • Congratulations, my husband will be 4 years on 29th . Liver doing well, wish I could say that about the rest of his "bits". Still as they say "he is still here"

    Good Luck

  • thats fantastic news hoping its all good happy happy xmas ricky

  • Yeeeeah that's wonderful news best Christmas Pressie ever. I hope you make a speedy recovery and all goes well for you in the future. Merry Christmas and an even better new year xx Ruth

  • Hi, This is great news, I hope all is well Merry Xmas and good luck for the future , have a speedy recovery. Take care.

  • Great news hope he keeps doing well, Happy christmas and happy healthier new year x paula

  • Great news Boab..hope you have a speedy recovery and come home soon...Great Xmas present Xx

  • Best wishes , take care x

  • Astonishing, you must be in a state of shock,mixed in with a (victor meldrew)-I don't believe it,moment,I'm well chuffed for you-winning the lottery/or a new liver-no contest.Good luck- we're all rooting for you.

  • Thank you all for your best wishes

    Love peace and respect

  • Congratulations! I am so surprised how planned liver transplants go so well. I was an acute liver failure patient so there was no time for anything beforehand. I also was under sedation for 4 days. After a whole week in ITU I made it to the ward and I was very unwell for about 6 weeks there

    It has been over 7 months and I'm sort of living a normal life.

    I really hope you make it home soon! So lovely that this has timed so well :)

  • As advertised progress report. The OP went well I have been home for 31/2 weeks. Had a bit of a scare 2 weeks ago. We were in Edinburgh staying in a hotel cos from where we live it's impossible to travel from home to make the clinic appointment the same day. My left leg started to swell up this was really frightening I nearly had a trouser changing experience me left leg is the naughty one the femur has been broken twice in the same place, the first time they put a plate in it, and gave me HEP C a free "gift" in a bag of blood. The second time well the x rays were kind of worrying, the plate and the screws that hold it had pulled out and gone deep into the muscle. I honestly thought I would lose the leg. But after a long period on traction and in a spiker cast it was ok, this prolonged period of immobility unfortunately resulted in a DVT. Which is still there 30 years later. So pretransplant that was the leg that always swelled up if the old liver was starting to feel the strain, a warning sign if you like. Back to Tuesday before last I hit the panic button I thought the new liver was starting to fail. Then it was Taxi to A n' E (the same hospital I had the transplant at) where they took bloods and asked me to wait for the results, they did prioritise me as urgent. But it was 3am before I saw a doctor who told me that liver function was fine, but I had a DVT somewhere probably the left leg. They gave me shot of deltaparin and made an appointment for a scan after the clinic the next morning. The doc at the clinic decided to see me after the scan so we could discuss the results, yep it was the left leg again the old DVT had kicked off it was incredibly painful if an impacted wisdom tooth is a 10 this was an 11, so they upped the dose of pain meds and gave me some support socks to wear. Two weeks later and it is getting better and I'm so relieved. Apart from that minor hassle, which is not important after all I have 2 legs any way. The new liver is amazing, I have more energy I can think clearly, my wife disagrees about this but she would. the thing that really impresses me is that I have an appetite feeling hungry is a wonderful thing if you have food and some unfortunately don't. I always enjoyed cooking and eating not to the point of gluttony you understand. This liver has given me a new lease of life I this winter is the first in years when I haven't had an episode of severe depression. Amazing incredible. I am eternally grateful to the donor and his family for making this possible, and of course to the nurses, Doctors, and all the support staff God bless you all.

  • This seems appropriate.

    Selkirk Grace by Robbie Burns

    Some hae meat and canna eat,

    And some wad eat that want it;

    But we hae meat, and we can eat,

    Sae let the Lord be thankit

  • Boabo, how could I have missed this thread! Congratulations and well done for being strong to get through it all.

    Hope your recovery is going well now? Also Dont worry, you're entitled to be scared. I've had lots of scares. When I was on the ward, my blood tests stalled for a while. The liver wasn't doing so great in between. It was scary because I thought I'd need another transplant. You had a genuine problem so I'm glad you got help.

    Keep recovering and doing great. So happy for you!

  • Hi jahida

    I'm happy you got through it ,OK. It is hard work having a major organ transplant the surgeon call it "heroic" sugery, they are of course talking about them selves, as usual. In my humble opinion it is we the patients who are the hero's. We put everything on the line so we can have a chance of getting better.

    Take care regards

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