I have a score if 10 which has suddenly gone up to 13.5 is this normal

Need help , I have just cleared hep c had final fibro scan, seems I have gone from10__13.5. Is this course for concern. My visits to my local doctor only to be more depressed and not wanting to go ,problem is they never seem to noticed symptoms,I have swollen red itchy feet,and hands swollen stomach ,intense itching and pain wen standing , I had the all clear s why has my liver deteriorated? My last hep c testing nurse told me to go to my doctor what do I say should I be worried, thanks first time posting

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  • Is a 13.5score on fibro scan something to worry about I am anxious

  • Sorry thought this was a helpline

  • Hi Molly, sorry no one has answered your question before now. It is the weekend and British Liver Trust staff arn't here during the weekend so the site is just the domain of us lay people, fellow patients and carers who can offer support and gleaned knowledge advice but not trained medical diagnosis or definite medical answers - those are best discussed with your own medical team.

    You are yet another person amongst a very long line who has left a fibroscan with a score with no explanation which I think is a big fault in this scan and seems to lead to no end of anxiety for patients - we get lots and lots of very worried people posting on here having been given some random number score and left to get on with it. I would say that scores arn't always accurate and can vary widely, even what you've eaten in the run up to scans can change things. Also different underlying conditions also seem to have different scales as to what a score represents. Really you need further discussion with your specialist as regards the findings and then to find out where they plan to go from here. It's great news that you have cleared your Hep C following treatment so at least that is no longer attacking your liver, however, a score of 13.5 might indicate borderline cirrhosis which would tally with a lengthy Hep C infection & possibly some of your symptoms.

    You do need to discuss this with your medical team and ensure they are doing their full job in looking after you going forward.

    Wishing you all the very best, Katie xx

    I have been trying to locate the score chart which has been posted on here several times before but the link seems to have gone inactive so can't find it. If I do then I shall post it up but really any diagnosis needs to be done by your medical team.

  • Found the score card at:- hepcbc.ca/wp-content/upload... A score of 13.5 does seem to correlate to F3-4 so in the borderline cirrhosis type area. You do need a discussion with your medical team to confirm and perhaps arrange further scans etc.

  • Thank you ,made appointment to have it out with doctor who never seems to listen,ill try again

  • Hi Molly, I had my first ever fibroscan test after 9yrs with cirrhosis. It came back 27 which is f4 stage . My hepetologist did say it could be down to many things as Ayrshire mentioned. Diet , meds. He said if he was to stop a stranger in the street and gave him a bottle of vodka to drink then his score would be high. Mine may come down it may not; with liver disease I have found so many test results I have tried to place together to get a good picture of where I am health wise but it really does not work that way as many things can change in an instant. You go back to the Dr and demand more answers and any follow up appointments

  • I go tommorow , I have no faith in my doctors surhery thpugh ,as its a make appointment on the day, I end up seeing numerous doctors , very frustrating, thanks for your reply

  • Oh i have the same problem with my surgery but it came to a point where I demanded i be seen by my own doctor. If you don't get any answers with the doctor then contact the hospital, I am sure they will help with your concerns.. hope all goes well for you Molly.. stay strong x

  • Thanks ,always cant do anything else but stay strong and thanks I will demand my iwn doctor,

  • Hi Molly,

    It would be a good idea to make an appointment with your liver specialist and ask them to interpret your fibroscan result. It is also important that they examine you and you can discuss your symptoms with them.

    They can then organise additional tests and investigations.

    Wishing you well,


  • Thanks rebecca, I think the med team are going to refer me to a liver specialist,all very daunting though

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