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Any body know what IQR % means on a fibroscan pain after drinking


Hi thanks everyone. I’ve had a fibroscan scan with a score of 6.1 kpa. Also on the paper work I received after in the post.” it's says the scan was IQR 7% “. I have no idea what this means .I’ve tried to google it but haven’t found an answer. Could someone help me with this? Also On the letter I received from the Gastroenterologist it actually states he’s 90% sure my problems are not liver related.

The thing is I’m 32 years old I’ve been a heavy drinker for ten years. I’d say 40-50 units on a good week and 70-80 on a bad week. never really more than that. For the last year I’ve only drank once or twice a week. Probably about 20 units which up until a few years ago was within U.K. guidelines of 21 units a week.

I decided to cut down on the drinking about a year ago because I started to have these health problems.

My problem is quite often (not all the time) when I drink I get this weird feeling In my right flank feels like butterflies are tapping my skin only on my right flank or it feels like my right flank is filled with air or water it’s hard to explaine. Then the next day (again not all the time) my flank has a dull ache. My stools are often yellow. I Put the yelllow stools down to my acid reflux which I’ve had for two years as it’s a common symptom of reflux. My doctor dosnt seem concerned. But I’ve just read on line that reflux can be a symptom of liver problems.

Doctors say the pain I get is most like IBS gastritis and reflux I’m not convinced.

I’ve had many blood tests all normal except the last with slight raised GGT the doctor wasn’t concerned. I’ve had 3 ultrasounds all clear. Good results on fibroscan and told I have a healthy liver.

Do you think I could have liver problem even thought doctors say I have a healthy liver? I’ve been tested for hep. I’m all clear

Any ideas ?

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you might find the answer in this post. its talks or IQR

The IQR is the affectively the spread of the results or range, difference between lowest and highest. Having a nice tight IQR is good news. Your results are going down too. Its all heading where you want to go!

farranccc in reply to grace111

Grace is exactly right. The inter quartile range is a mathematical term not related to the test. The lower the IQR the less variance in the tests done.

Your issue, without the yellow stools, are pretty similar to mine and my gastro told me that based on my ultrasounds, bloods and fibroscan it is not my liver causing me the upper right quad pain. Even with he reassurance the drinking sessions I have had over the years still haunt me.

I have an muscle ultrasound planned for next Monday so hoping to find out more.

grace111 in reply to farranccc

hi farranccc its not me who has this issue i copied and pasted the answer that i saw in the link the person who left it is hidden. im glad that kevinplus now has the answer. i hope that all goes well for you too . love grace xoxo

Hi Kevin

A score of 6.1 is fine. 3weeks ago I saw my specialist. My scan results were fine but showed a hardening of the (new) liver. He told me he trusted a firboscan much more than the scan. He did a fibroscan and I had result slightly Lower than yours. He said everything was perfect. I wouldn’t take it as something which is a problem. I’d say that if you are drinking within the limits now then you probably shouldn’t worry about your drinking. There are some good AF beers out there now, some larger others darker. When out with mates give them a try.

Good luck


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