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Fibro scan results readings

Dear Sir/Madam,

I got Hep A in January and when I got the the hospital it was realized that I was suffering from acute liver failure with an INR of 2.5. This resolved over the next few days any my LFTs are also now back to normal. Of course I was a heavy drinker.

A Fibro scan done 2 months ago  showed a liver stiffness of 7.7 KPA with F1 Fibrosis.

I repeated my fibro scan two days ago and the reading was 6.1 with a IQR of 0.2. 

Firstly what is IQR and is 0,2 normal?

2. Most internet searches say that normal fibro scan score is under 7 KPA so why do i have F 1 with a score of 6.1.

3. The fact that it has reduced from 7.7 KPA to 6.1 KPA means that it is possible to completely recover or are there other factors involved.

Please do let me know.

Many thanks,


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The IQR is the affectively the spread of the results or range,   difference between lowest and highest.  Having a nice tight IQR is good news.  Your results are going down too.  Its all heading where you want to go! 

Now might a good time to kick the booze completely, although you should make a full recovery, your Liver maybe more sensitive to things like alcohol.  It has just had a very nasty swelling it will take a couple of years to reach maximum recovery.


Thank you so much for your reply. Following this incident I had quite drinking but am back on it on the weekends. However I hear you loud and clear and and its been on my mind, i need to turn thought into action... It is a bummer but I don't think anything is more important than health. 

Thanks again


You need to look after your Liver because your life depends on it.  Yes you should make a full recovery, but thats only if you dont cause any more stress to your Liver.  F1 and F2 scarring can heal in a couple of years, IF the Liver stress is removed.  F3 and F4 result in Liver failure and death.  Your recovery all depends on you being sober and living a healthy life.  

If you need help staying off alcohol then please try and get it, can you get support from friends or family?  I stopped drinking when I got ill and started to learn about just how silent Liver damage can be, fear motivated me.  Some use AA, but thats not for me.  I haven't had a drink in coming up to 2 years. Its easy I found when thinking about blood spewing out of every orifice because of booze, no thanks I say ! 


If the worst happens and you need a transplant most centres will not transplant a liver damaged through unwise alcohol use u ntill the patient can prove at least 12 months abstinence 


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