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Pain in legs and feet



I have just joined here, I have been suffering really badly with pain in my legs and feet at first I had to walk with my feet really wide apart and could hardly bend them. Now my knees feel like im constantly wearing really tight bandages and the skin on my feet feels like it's burning along with shooting pains in the toes. I have tried various creams etc. Does anyone else get similar symptoms?

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have you been diagnosed by your doctor with liver problems which are related to your painful legs and feet?

so sorry to hear about your feet and legs this sounds so painful. i dont know what causing it as so many different things can cause similar symptoms, what has your doctor said about this and i really hope you get something for the pains. love grace xoxo


Are you diabetic? Have vascular disease? Been tested for peripheral neuropathy?

A whole host of things it could be.?

I have cirrhosis of the liver and an ulcer I was rushed into hospital after throwing up coffee grounds they called it, I have an mri coming up I was jus wondering if anyone experienced a similiar thing x

Thank u for the replies x

Hiya, I get this too. Not so often in my feet but mostly my knees when I bend them it's burning and feels as is if my knee joint is going to pop out. Also get it in my neck and shoulders. Have you mentioned it to your doctor? I'm currently getting tested for nerve damage and bone related damage.

Are u having an mri etc? Sounds like we are getting tested for similar things. Also does anyone sometimes feel sick, I know this is all new and I'm going to experience things I haven't before I just feel very emotional and sick today x



I often feel very sickly, my Dr has prescribed prochlorperazine, I just take it when I need it and it really does help. I also get pains everywhere but I have fibromyalgia as well as Nash and other things so no wonder I get pains everywhere!!!, Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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