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Why are my feet hurting soo muc... Realated or not?

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I am back AGAIN with really painful feet,my feet have been hurting for a couple of months now and went for a walk today (which we do quite alot) but not recently due to floods,my feet are killing me, pain on the outer side of right foot and soles of feet, I am on the vereg of giving up with all this as NO ONE has clue whats going on, even he specialists! I do have another batch of tests coming up where they tst my urine which is the first time they have done that and Kidney function as that has been going down for that past year.. FED UP wth this!

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Are you diabetic? Type 2 can cause peripheral neuropathy which can impact on the feet.


Hi Mike, thanks for your response, no I am not diabetic. I was tested for Peripheral neuropathy a few years ago, they said I didnt have it but that was 2011 I think

Have you been to a Podiatrist? I have had shoes which caused my feet to hurt and my husband has had the same experience. Changed the shoes to a better brand and made all the difference. I have friends who are getting older and find they have to be very careful about how they treat their feet and what they wear. The other thing could be polymyalgia which can be another smptom of your Autoimmune disease. Have a sister in law with PSC who has had a lot of trouble with her feet.

Hello, this must be horrible, especially as you do not know what is causing the pain, so cannot think of a way to relieve it. My husband suffers greatly with this. he has has peripheral neuropathy and finds that the pain relief for this causes to many side affects, so does not take them, they are recommended by the hospital and he has tried all.

He is worse in the morning or when he has been sitting for any time. A bike ride seems to `get things going` and this eases the pain and makes him feel better for a time. so moderate exercise seems to help, try cycling instead of walking and see how you feel, if of course you are healthy enough for that, you may want to check with your doctor. We are looking at lifestyle changes now and hoping this will ease over time, our hospital consultant said some times it gets better over two years, we have had longer than that and it has improved, but not sure if it will completely stop. sorry i cannot be of more help.

I have terribly sore feet too and noone has been able to give me an answer as to why.

I was just told to buy more supportive shoes with a thick sole.

Not helpful I know but I know how you feel. It is horrible.

I am sorry to hear of your problem. I cannot really help you other than to say that there are different symptoms for a failing liver which appear to vary depending on the individual. I can however,offer my support and say never stop trying to look forward. If you don't you will never reach where you want to be. I waited a long time before I was diagnosed with liver failure and even then it was 18 months before I received the gift of a transplant. There were times when I despaired but I never gave in.my best wishes go with you.

Hi Sunflower1

It doesn't sound liver disease related to me but only your doctor can tell you for sure what the cause of the pain is.

My guess is that it is more likely to be something like Ouboid Syndrome or Plantar Faciitis both of which are exacerbated by walking and running. Having carried out both of these activities extensively and competitively during my fairly long life time to date I have plenty of experience of both conditions. A steroid injection sometimes provides relief and a change of shoes might as could orthotic devices that are specifically made (not purchased of the shelf in a chemist shop ) for you. Someone else has already suggested seeing a registered podiatrist and perhaps that is something you should seriously consider!

I hope you can find some relief for the problem and quickly


Just briefly, thanks so much for all your responses.. I will have proper read as soon as I can.

Thanks again for your replies. I havent been to a Podiatrist, I really dont think it has anything to do with my footwear. It seems to come and go, not there all the time.Its fine now but earlier today it was bad and all over the weekend, before that I didnt have it for a while and its never been as bad as this weekend, its feels like they are swollen as well at times, again not all the time. As I said I am having kidney function done on Thursday and they have asked me to do a urine sample which over the few years of having tests I have never had done so that will be a first for me.

All thoughts welcome. Thanks.

Apparently I am pre-menopausal... mmmm

Interesting. I have sore feet upon waking up the last few weeks. Feet are not swollen. I have AIH - don't know if it's related. The soreness goes away once I start walking around.

Have you tried drastically reducing your fluid and food intake. It gives the organs a huge rest from all the hard work of functioning under so much limitation due to this disease. That is the only thing that works for me. I spend a few days injesting no more than 4 cups of food or fluid for several days. Its difficult to do but it works when I am holding far too much fluid. I hope you feel better.

How odd I just noticed post and commented then saw it was from 3 years ago. I think it best if they were saved into an archive for all to use but not reposted as if new. Just a web site improvment idea.

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