infection in hubbys legs

Well its been almost a week since hubby was diagnosed with an infection in his feet and legs and they are no better, his feet and legs are red raw, hes been on antibiotics , but im guessing that its another thing for the liver to cope with, his liver isnt working as it is anyway. He says he is going back to the drs about it this week but i said to him they will tell you what they have been telling you for years but you wont listen, all the illnesses you are suffering from is due to alcohol,, but as an alcoholic famous words drs dont know what they are talking about.

Anyone had infection in thier legs before with Oedema? were you given antibiotics?

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  • awe ty alb,Yes its not nice watching him suffer with his legs, he is going back to the drs this week, wouldnt supprise me if they send him into the hospital,

  • yes i had that infection and i have liver problems. i'v had hep b whitch cleared on its own. i also had hep c for many years and did not know and thats whey i began to get those infections. i had cellulitis. my feet and legs were burning and red and infected and its very very painful indeed. he needs to keep his feet elevated. i had to end up going to the hospital with mine as the anti biotics the doctor gave me were not doing the job. i was given penicillin into a main line vein. i had a temperature and felt very ill. i had no idea what it was and took pics of it and even in the hospital i took pics. i take pics of always helps for the benefits section as expaining things is not as good as a picture. they drew a circle round my redness so that they could see if it was getting any worse then it would be out side of the circle. im happy to say that i cleared the virus and have not had cellulitis again. however my ex boyfriend is very very overweight and has had it a few times as he has been to the hosptial with fatty liver. so it could be a liver thing.

  • My mum was, took ages to clear but it did eventually. If he's drinking and taking antibiotics, theyre not going to work as quickly as they could.

  • Yes thats what i thought geffy, hows your mum now??

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