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Feet problems

I’m having problems with my feet that is making sleeping at night impossible. I’m not sure wether it’s associated with diabetes(Neuropathy) or my liver.

My feet are numb but constantly throb and I can’t find a sleep position that makes it any better. On top of my liver problems it’s making my life unbearable. I can’t take pain killers at all. Can anyone teccomend something to relieve this.

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What you describe is a very specific symptom which I'm sure your GP or consultant will be able to relate to what they know of your condition. I am aware that some on this forum are able to take certain forms of pain relief - you could ask your medical team about this.

Do you have swollen feet from fluid retention (oedaema) I do remember that my feet were very swollen post op and they were, as you describe painful and throbbing.

Once again, this is definitely something for your medical team.

As you say, living with liver disease is pretty miserable and I hope you get this sorted soon.

Let us know how you get on.



I have that and take abstention for it. It's from alcohol abuse.


I have not drunk alcohol in 16 months

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Honestly I don't know what it is in your case. But two years ago I went to the hospital with those symptoms. I was then diagnosed with cirrhosis and was told I had neuropathy of the feet. I have been sober for two years and take Medicine for my feet. I was told that my nerves were damaged. The medicine helps that's the only thing I take now. But my feet never returned to normal.


I’ve had it for some years but has got worse recently. I’m at the hospital nxt week so I’ll ask if they can help


I too have the same problem but I take the painkiller Hydro-morphin small dose of 2 milligrams per pill it was originally for stomach pain but has also helped me with that constant numbness and tingling in my feet but also I feel like I can literally feel all the nerve endings in my feet but it calms down after taking a painpill. Ask about this medication because it is also the only thing I can take without harming my liver any more than it already is. I'm from Canada so maybe different rules apply.


Put your feet out from under the bedclothes and just cover upwards. This will eventually cool your feet enough to get off to sleep. It is because your blood sugars are too high when you go to bed (peripheral neuropathy as a result of Diabetes), so try and get a lower reading of between 4and 7 when you go to bed. It is very very painful and such pain can never be underestimated. Good luck.


I have the same problem but don't have diabetes, I never have my feet covered with anything unless I have to wear socks to go out. I'm not sure because I have never asked but I think maybe all the fluid circulating around the nerve endings and poor blood circulation may cause this.


My husband has this issue. His doctor at the VA Hospital here in Minnesota recommended Alpha-Lipoic Acid 600 mg [I found one brand that has 600 mg in one capsule at a health food store] and Nortriptyline HCL 25 mg at night for pain and numbness [not sure why - didn't think to ask enough questions.].

Not sure where you are located, but you could ask your doctors if either of these might help you.

Best of luck to you.



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