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Shadow on the liver


Hi all.

Went to Drs this morning for results of my latest ultrasound and was told there is a 1.3cm shadow in my liver.

I wondered why a ct scan was booked for me so quickly (2 days later) after having a routine ultrasound.

I've got compensated cirrhosis and am generally very well.

I've been alcohol free for nearly 18 months and feel absolutely great.

The Dr said they have to rule out cancer etc. I didn't think anything of it at first and I now put that down to shock.

I'm now obviously really concerned and realise that this could be the end after all the hard work of putting the drink down and that I really took things too far.

Not looking for sympathy or anything as I'm not one to play the violin, but was wondering if anybody else here has had the same kind of thing?

Thanks guys


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The whole point of having 6 monthly ultrasound scans when you have cirrhosis is to identify changes in the liver (such as lumps, bumps & scaries) and hopefully catch them early enough to treat. It's normal that you are followed up speedily after a change is notified and hopefully the CT scan will provide the information needed for the next step. There are a whole host of benign liver bumps and tumours so don't necessarily scare yourself silly at this stage. CT scan will reveal more.

Have you had a recent AFP (Alfa-fetoprotein) blood test? If not I would hope you have one of these in the pipeline.

Fingers crossed it does prove benign and nothing to worry about, if however, it is the other it has hopefully been caught early enough and can be dealt with effectively.

All the best, Katie

Kirkleone in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks for your reply Katie.

I haven't had an AFP yet but shall mention that to the GPnext.

I'm staying positive it's benign but am new to all of this so I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me more.

Thanks again


Hi Kirk

Please stop thinking your going to die your a long long way off that, your hard work in kicking the alcohol will 100% help you in what ever your scan shows up infact without even realising it your on the road to recovery. Yes with a shadow on your liver it is worrying of course it is I know I’ve been there but you don’t know it’s cancer or a tumour even and if it is you can have non cancerous tumours without going to far into it the best advice I can give is have your CT scan and get your results if it is sinister you will if not already be referred to a liver consultant who will come up with a plan for you please be assured you will be in good hands and they do amazing things these days

All the best Kirk if you want a chat am always available pal


Kirkleone in reply to 1football

Hey thanks Huw.

That was some really positive input for me at this moment.

As I'm new to all of this I just started worrying.

I'm usually really positive about things anyway but just got knocked a bit earlier.

Thanks for helping me feel better already.


This will be a worrying time for you as you don't have all the answers as yet. Both Huw and Katie are right.

I've had liver cirrhosis in the past, and have gone on the grow 5 of these little tumours. the first thing they'll most likely do is carryout more investigations into what this shadow actually is. People do have a tendency at this stage to always think of the worst. But please try not to worry. There's nothing going on that can't be put right. So there's no point in allowing yourself to become upset.

All my tumours were benign and non cancerous. There is a procedure called Ablation which uses heat to destroy cancer cells. There are three types of ablation that

produce heat in different ways. These are:



•Laser ablation.

Each type destroys cancer cells by heating them to a high temperature. They may be used if you have previously had surgery

or if you’re not fit enough to have surgery. A biopsy of the tumour is taken at this time for further investigation. This procedure is quit painless as you'll be zonked out at the time. This will mean a few days say in hospital for a while.

The other thing I should mention about the liver ablation is that for it to be completely successful the tumours have to be of a certain size before they can be destroyed. In my case I had to wait for three of them to grow larger.

I have mentioned a little about this procedure on my website, which can be found at:

I hope the helps, and please above all don't worry. Your now in safe hands. The British Liver Trust here have a section that covers Liver Cancer that can be found here:

But once again, don't go jumping to the wrong conclusions when seeing the word cancer.

Good Luck


Kirkleone in reply to Hidden

Thanks a lot Richard.

It helps being given a lot more knowledge aroundthis issue.

Much appreciated.


Hi there. Exactly the same happened to me. Went for ultrasound then had ct booked in really quickly because there were dark shadows showing on liver. Ct showed nothing further on the liver but they then found enlarged lymph nodes around my stomach and a fibroid. So then had an endoscopy to check that the lymph nodes that came back normal. But doctors still not satisfied and am now waiting for 2nd endoscopy. Try just to go with the flow, the doctors know their stuff and what will be, will be. And there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Keep positive. I was diagnosed with PBC about 18 months ago and am now responding to the urso but I have visited the hospital more time in the last 18 months than the rest of my life. All the tests are good and at least if you know your body is struggling then something can be done. Much better to know I think. Good luck. Hope it all come back negative for you Best wishes. Roxy

Kirkleone in reply to RoxyP

Thanks Roxy

That's a good way of putting it. It's definitely better to know early rather than when it gets too late.

Glad yours came back all clear and hopefully you won't be in and out of hospital for too much longer.

Best wishes


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