Shadow on the Liver

My 58 year old brother was rushed into hospital after varicial haemorrhaging last week He has been a wine drinker for years. After horrific vomiting and numerous transfusions he had an endoscopy and the ruptures banded. I am so grateful to the blood donors and in awe of the technology involved. Not surprisingly he has been told he has cirrhosis but there appears to be a shadow shown by a scan earlier in the week. He had an MRI yesterday and we await the results. Transplant had been mentioned to me by one of his doctors ,which came as a shock. When he related that to another medic it was dismissed. What could his health be like without a transplant? He is determined to stop drinking thankfully. The irony is I'm 26 years sober in AA. I have to accept his choice to do this alone. Thanks for the opportunity to pose questions to this 'community '. Anne

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  • Hi

    I'm afraid this is a how long us a piece of string question.

    Some people live a good life with little or no list of symptoms for decades while others dip very quickly.

    It's wonderful that he has accepted that he needs to quit alcohol.

    I'm sorry that nobody here is medically qualified to answer your question, even his own doctors wouldn't do that without his scan results.

    I know it's a scary time around diagnosis but you will know more soon.

    Rita x

  • Thanks Rita. Just waiting for the ward round

  • I hope you get some answers soon

    Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • Many thanks. He will see specialist today. He is still in hospital and now has been told he has had kidney failure for months . So worrying

  • Many thanks Rita, it's so good to be able to voice my concerns. He is still in hospital and was told he's been in kidney failure for months. I took the decision to tell his daughters how ill he is even though he preferred to spare them any worries. His specialist should be round today after holiday. The talk of transplant has returned

  • Hi

    Just to let you know that I'm thinking of you all. Take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • "I am so grateful to the blood donors"

    The bizarre thing is, once you have received a blood transfusion (as have I), you can no longer donate blood. So even if you wanted to give something back, you can't.

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