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The good doctor


Just watched an American series called the good doctor. An autistic doctor and a nurse went to retrieve a liver. The temperature in the container got too high so they nipped into a corner store. The nurse was flinging bags of frozen peas in but the autistic doctor filled the box with slush puppy. Of course, this worked ???? Meanwhile, the guy waiting for the transplant had alcohol in his system but it was ok cause it was only a small glass of champagne. I had to turn it off at this point.

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😱😲I'm not surprised !!

How bizarre!

I think it only lasted one series

Oh yes I saw that programme and it was the usual unbelievable scenarios etc however watching it to the end the ‘recipient’ was de-listed due to the glass of champagne he had taken at his daughter’s graduation and the liver went to another recipient. So at least they got that bit right!!

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Thanks for watching to the end I'm not quite as annoyed with it now

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