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Very Fatigued When Should You See A Doctor


Hi Everyone

A quick bit about me, I was diagnosed with cirrhosis last year. I've had all the tests done, last thing I had was my fibroscan which was a score of 42 for what it's worth. My bloods are all normal now and have been for the better part of 8 months.

I've been feeling very fatigued lately, fatigued to the point of feeling almost drunk and having no energy. Has anyone else had something similar? How do you manage with fatigue? And at what point would someone reckon you should go see a doctor about it?

Any insight would be much appreciated.

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You should just go and see your gp especially if it's not normal for you to feel so much fatigue and to be honest not much you can do about it your best bet is just to listen to your body and if you need to rest then rest. But get an appointment and get checked out it could be something so simple like low iron levels 😀

Fatigue was when we first realised my hubby was ill.

Had tests took 6 months to get diagnosis of cirrhosis then further 4 years to transplant.

But everyone is different

unfortunately the fatigue is not usually treatable although good to see if there is another cause... as jojo said iron. or thyroid etc.

i suffered it for 18years before transplant... but i think that's rare. crossed fingers its just something treatable. cazer.

Unfortunately fatigue is just part of the deal with liver disease. Obviously some suffer it worse than others. I just listen to my body and when I need to rest I go to bed regardless of time. A late night for me now is 10pm, but is not unusual for me to have a couple of hours in the afternoon. All I ever keep in mind is that the fatigue is "real" and ensure I am not just duvet diving, as that is a clear sign to me that I am firmly sat on my pity potty and dreaded depression is never far away.

I empathise totally

I never found a way of managing fatigue, it's not just the physical which tires you out. I would try and control when it hit and not sleep for too long and always go to bed for proper rest, try to avoid 10 mins in a chair. Too much sleep and it effected my night sleep, I used to find about 1 to 1.5 hours worked for me. This wasn't everyday, because if you push the body hard it will always find a little more, but then hit you twice as hard for it.

Fatigue is a symptom of liver issues, but would would normally link to something changing, anemia was contributing to my fatigue.

I got to the point of accepted the fatigue and trying to best work around it.

Kate_67 in reply to Dulux

Hi I agree with you my fatigue got so bad I wanted to sleep all the time. I had a transplant in 2015. I went to the docs and I'm anemic. I won't say my whole story as it's to long. But I got ferrous sulfate and folic Acid. I'm still tired but the Meds help a little bit.


I am 69 and retired last year because I was so tired, had trouble concentrating and sleeping. I have had cirrhosis for several years. My platelets are low and I get B12 shots to help with being tired. It was fortunate I was able to retire but it helps with the shots and laying down if I feel too tired. I would see if doctor might have a. solution that might be good for you. Good luck and keep in touch

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