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Worried about liver tests

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Diagnosis with alcohol cirrhosis in 2015, haven't had a drink since, I'm on lactose 15ml once daily pantopazole, gabapentine, vitamin b1 centrum, breo inhaler once daily and paxil 20mg once daily. Since 2015 I only have blood test every three months my liver Dr. Haven't given me a ultrasound or any kind of scans, is this normal, every time I see my Dr. He says my blood work came back normal and that my liver is stable has anyone else been through this. Please let me know. Thanks peppy05

20 Replies
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I'm not just saying this but I had scans and they still no diagnosis you sound like me worried out your mind

I thought I would just give you moral support as truth is I'm clueless but there's a lot on here really helping me X

And they will for you

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Peppy05 in reply to Faithfull

Thanks faithful, now I know there's someone besides me, that's worried about their condition also, I hope you get your answers about how you feel. Take care. Peppyo5

Hi Peppy.

The fact that your Dr has said your liver is stable appears to me to be a good thing as it's obviously not getting worse. Probably because you have stopped drinking. If he was concerned he would be getting you to have weekly or fortnightly bloodtests. So I recommend you stay off the booze, eat healthily with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, get plenty of fresh air and exercise which may even start to improve the condition if your liver.

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Thank you Laura now I feel better, I can't excersize because I have scoliosis a rod on my spine since I was 14, I'm now 55, but I walk. Thanks Laura

in reply to Peppy05

Walking is great do as much as you can comfortably manage 🏃

if you still have concerns regarding blood tests, scans etc, see your Dr again and put them to him.

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Peppy05 in reply to

Thanks Laura009, I will at my next appointment

if you have cirrohsis then insist that you have 6 monthly ultrasound of liver as well as the appropriate blood tests. Your Dr should know this is the normal protocol for cirrohsis.

All the best

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Thanks pilot28, I just seen him 3 weeks ago and did more blood test the office call me the next day and said all my blood tests came back ok. I see him again in August I'll ask for an ultrasound. Thanks again pilot28 God bless. Peppy05

Hi Peppy

From your opening post you say that you haven't been scanned since diagnosis 3 years ago.

Personally I would be insisting on an ultrasound scan as soon as possible regardless of your normal blood tests.

Perhaps someone else can add their two pennysworth ( I am not a Doctor), but the fact you haven't been scanned since diagnosis seems wrong to me.

All the best

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Thanks pilot28 I will insist that he does.

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Millie09 in reply to Peppy05

Hi peppy, i was the same as you in 2016. Blood tests only now and then with my dr untill i joined this forum and it opened my eyes.

I made my dr refer me to.the QE hospital liver unit.

I am so glad i took control! I had a fibroscan done and i am stage f4 fibrosis. My liver function tests are perfect, but i still have cirrhosis and always will. You should be having 6 months check ups for ultrasound and regular endoscopy etc.. i have osteopenia in my hip and two prolapsed discs middle to lower back and onset of osteoarthritis, i have mobility issues myself and having physio at present to see if it helps. Hope you get sorted.. linda x

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Peppy05 in reply to Millie09

Thanks Linda my next appointment is in August and I will let him know, I'm live in the United States and my dr, office is next to the hospital when I see him I go right over and do my blood work my dr, and hospital works together I also see my regular doctor too, so I'll be asking questions. Thanks again milli09, God bless. Peppy05

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Millie09 in reply to Peppy05

Your most welcome peppy, sometimes we have to put our foot down so to speak.

Make sure you get further regular tests done. Good luck. 😊

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Hey Peppy, Pilot 28 is spot on. If you have a confirmed diagnosis of cirrhosis it is normally considered essential to have six monthly imaging to screen the liver for complications/developments that a scared liver is vulnerable to (not everyone develops these but it's always worth checking) Of course with all things related to liver disease...one size doesn't fit all and we're all different AND, if your bloods are good then that's great and very encouraging. Keep up the good work and pursue the screening for peace of mind. Best Chris

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Peppy05 in reply to chrisw740

Thank you Chris, I will do that on my next appointment with my doctor. God bless. Peppy05

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Hi Peppy, as others have said it is protocol to scan the liver every 6 months when you have a diagnosis of cirrhosis to check various things but most importantly to look out for possible liver cancers which a cirrhotic liver is more vulnerable to plus you should have an AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) blood test which is a tumour marker.

The other things it checks are portal veinous flow direction, presence of ascites and the other abdominal organs.

Definitely push for these tests.


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Definatly should have a ultra sound every 6 month yearly visit to consultant,when they say bloods are normal it means they are within reccommended range this can change over night if liver is not functioning 100%, if you are on lactose it means toxins are possibly reaching your brain if that is the case your liver is under par.

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Hi peppy05 I too believe that you should talk to your doctor about scans. I have Chrosis also and I have an endoscopy every 6 months. Plus all the blood work too. You take care .

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I agree with everything said above. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 9 months ago, in that time I have had 4 sets of blood tests, 3 ultrasounds, a Fibroscan, an MRI scan and have another MRI in a couple of weeks. I have seen my consultant 3 times, whilst every case is different, I don't take any medication but thiamin and vit B. I would certainly push for 6 monthly ultra sound, it is standard practice. Keep well

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Peppy05 in reply to scampi2122

Will do, thanks scampi2122

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