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mixed up about liver tests

3 weeks ago I went to hospital to see liver specialist regarding fatty liver, a fibroscan I had in April was 10.1 having lost some weight, another fibrosan in 3 weeks ago it was 7.1.

I had blood tests done and waiting results that should have been ready in 2 weeks. Specialist said she would see me again in 2 weeks,but if my bloods are ok I would be informed and I would be seen in 1 year.

On Friday I went for a xray on my hip, to cut a long story short.The nurse informed me I had appointment at another hospital for a abdomen scan the same day. I hadn't received appointment and knew nothing about a scan. I went for the scan and then rang the hospital to find out if I have any more appointment .

I was informed my next appointment was in may 2017.

I have no idea what to do,I have no idea what my blood tests have revealed.

iv had a scan I knew nothing about, I thought I was seeing specialist in 2 week not 2 years. anyone any ideas what I should do.

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You need to chase this urgently.

I spend my whole life chasing the NHS over appointments, no action on requests, etc, etc.

It is the old story if you make yourself heard you get somewhere, sit back and wait and you'll wait forever.

Good Luck


Thank you I will contact the hospital again and my gp.


Thank you will do


You have to see your gp about this, as he surely would have letters about your tests results, or contact hospital where you had things done, they didn't inform you well did they, keep on until you get a proper explaination you can't go worrying for 2 years, they also could have made an error check with them. Good luck. Annette !!


Always ask /fe,and that you get sent a written report on all your blood tests and scans, I do . I never bother with my Dr. As his knowledge is less than mine. The hospital said it was unusual to get given the scan report in full, you usually get a tiny bit about it on a consultants letter. Its your story and this way you will get to know things, and extend your k owl edge . As said before chase them up. Two years meand they are not really worried, but its your life and a lot can change in that time. Good luck stay strong and positive.


Thank you I've been given some good advice and I will contact hospital and write letter.


As others have said, do not sit on this and fret yourself silly. You need a follow up consultation to go over the results and get an explanation of how you can look after your liver to reverse the damage done and prevent a worsening. Your numbers look to be going in the right way but you can't leave the liver two years without monitoring now that they know you have some issues with it.

Phone and request a follow up appointment as you wish to discuss the results and if that doesn't work or you feel uncomfortable phoning then write and put your request in writing - we found that a letter in your file brought forth results.

You can not possibly be left to dangle with no further information for two year.

Wishing you all the very best, let us know how you get on.

Katie :) x


Thank you I will contact the hospital again tomorrow and send a follow 5 letter


I would call your consultant's secretary or registrar and explain your worries. Two years seems a very long time to wait, there also seems to be some kind of cock-up here. Get an answer from your consultant.


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