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Liver Problems and other Surgery

I've got Non Alcohol based liver disease, and my hips are gone due to arthritis. At last the orthopedic surgeon has agreed to operate. The anesthetist said though that I've low platelet count and could bleed to death, during the operation. My sleep apenea and problems with spine might make pain relieve and breathing very difficult. That my liver could peg out during the operation, and my kidney's go into revolt. I asked if if that was the worst that could happen. 'Well you could die,' she said.

For the operation to have any chance I'd need to have platelets pumped in before the operation. My pain killing would need sorting, as would my breathing, and I'd spend a longish while in ICU recovering.

These days my walking limit is about 20 metres and I need a rest and the pain is sometimes horrendous. Both me and the anesthetist are looking into ways forward.

Anyone else been here?

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I really feel for you. I'm about the same re walking. Got Nash, fibromyalgia, osteopenia , got to have a dexa scan to see if I've also got osteoporosis. Take care xx

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Thanks Lynne, we've just had two good days away in St Andrews, where I kept going for 2 whole days before not quite seizing up. It was great to be my partner Pippa and see her read at the poetry festival.

I hope things work out well for you. all the best Bob. x

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Thank you. When I'm having a down n day I always think that there's someone somewhere worse than me. Take care


Hi pip, i understand how you feel. I have cirrhosis 10yrs now but i have osteopenia in.my hip, onset of osteoarthritis and two prolapsed discs middle to lower back, so yes.. my walking or standing can cause problems. Having physio but waste of time..just makes me seize up and takes a day to recover. Hope things work out ok ..linda


Hi Pip, I have had both hips replaced about 19 years ago, got Nash and developed HCC. Had an attempted transplant which went about as wrong as it could have 1liver1life.wordpress.com hips need replacing but I have had enough major surgery to last me a lifetime, and I refuse to put my family through any further anxiety. My mobility is an ever changing thing, on a good day 200/300 yards on a stick is manageable. If my back seizes 20 yards could take 5 minutes of shuffling and severe pain. Once you have sorted out all the bits and you have had it done, the feeling of relief at being pain free in indescribable. Good luck and keep us informed.



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