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Stomach problems related to liver

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Evening..I havent written anything for a while but wanted to ask something Concerning hubby.

The past two months hes only been out of the house once due to being in a lot of pain with his stomach,sometimes being sick and tired all the time , he only went out because he had dentist but he was back home and in bed afterwards.

His days are waking up with stomach cramps, nausea (sometimes being sick) and sleeping on and off until times that he gets up which can be anytime between 4 pm and 7 pm..but he will have one day when he can tolerate his stomach just aching, As ive said in previous posts drs one min are saying hes got cirrhosis and the other times they say his liver is fine..

Has anyone else suffered with stomach pains due to the liver being bad? I have told him he needs to see the dr but he refuses to see one and chooses to sleep, so please dont suggest he gets to the drs because i have tried, i just want to know if anyone else has the same or would the pain only be in the liver area and not the stomach.

Thanx for reading..

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Sorry to read about your hubbies pain issues which must be extremely upsetting for you also!

Can I ask, has his GP /consultant carried out any other investigations? CT or MRI scans of his abdomen? Has he had any internal camera investigations into his colon/gut or his gallbladder/kidneys checked for stones ?

Would your GP do a home visit if you telephoned and explained his situation as it's not right for him to be suffering like this if it's not his liver causing the issues.

Feeling nausea and being sick and in pain can be caused by numerous things, gallstones being one as I had my gallbladder out 2016, however I recommend he seeks further medical advice as soon as possible to find the cause of his discomfort.

I'm here if you need a pm chat, in the meantime please take care Lyn

Love and hugs Trish x


I agree with Trish. You could phone your dr's surgery first thing so that you can get a home visit. It must be terrible for you both. When does he see his consultant next? Write down everything you want to ask Dr and consultant because u forgot to do this last week and my mind went blank. Love and hugs to you both Lynne xxxx

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Hi Lynne. Thanx for your reply, I have phoned the dr on a few occations and they insist he should go to the surgery to see them, he cant move without being sick but that doesnt bother them, the dr at one point came out and told me i had waisted his time and made me feel very small. Thats the thing with seeing a consultant , he was seeing a liver and lung consultants and both have discharged him, he was told over the phone by his drs that the lump in his lung had grown, he was , what lump ? she said they discovered a lump in your lung last year, he said i wasnt aware of this, she then proceeded to tell us he had cancer, and made an appointment with the lung consultant, to which she replied you dont have cancer your lung has turned in on itself and i have no clue what to do because ive never experienced that all the years ive been in the practice, she drained alot of fluid of it, came back for another appointment and discharged him (even though there was still some fluid in his lung). Hes been discharged from his lung and liver consultant ,i talked to a friend a while back who it happened to with her ex and she said the only time they bothered was when he was close to death.I believe he wont go to the drs because he is afraid of what they will tell him, so he would rather take meds and sleep. Im going to make an appointment to see the dr and hopfully see one that wants to help and not brush me off..

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You could get in touch with Pals , they help people like yourselves who have not had the best of treatment to put it mildly. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Awe ty lynne , ill do that..Your a gem...Just got home from volunteering for the cardiff half marathon, im shattered. Hope your ok?

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You need to rest up!! I'm pretty rough at the moment cos of my many conditions!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Hi Lyn,

I've read a few of your previous posts and there was mention of finding paperwork citing cirrhosis.

My husband experiences discomfort and sometimes more than that in his abdominal area due to ascites (fluid buildup) which is a complication of his recently diagnosed cirrhosis/advanced liver disease.

Is your husband bloated?

My husband was also vomiting for a long while even prior to the ascites and the diagnosis.

Food and medicine, both, were not agreeing with him (because of his undiagnosed conditions). Up until a few weeks ago and for some time, he could barely stay awake. He is still very tired.

Regardless of what is causing your husband's symptoms and pain, (it could be a number of things), it certainly sounds serious.

I liked the reply from another poster here to see if he might allow a doctor to come in to the home to see him if he is not up to seeing them in the office or going to the hospital. It might be worth a shot, anyways.

Most would think that your husband would want to see a doctor and feel better than he does. Pain isn't fun and is often unnecessary. But, I understand his type well. At least my husband got to the point where he would say I'LL let you know when you can call the "bus"! Once HE even did!

It's not fair to you to know that he is suffering and yet his refusing help.

I hope that your husband will realize that his life is worthwhile and that there are those, like you, that love him so much. Surely he knows the latter. And that he cares enough about visiting the dentist sounds like a positive sign. Perhaps he has not totally given up.

As per one of your previous posts, Lyn, I hope that you have healed up well from your recent surgery. That must have been very tough with all that is going on in your world.

May all things become brighter for you and your family soon.

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Hi ,, Hugs for you and your husband,...Yeah to answer your questions , he did have the paper stateing he has cirrhosis and when he confronted the dr concerning this he said it was the hospital that put that querying it, here let me print off the proper one.. and he printed off one with out it, i said why doesnt it say in front of it quirying then? he couldnt answer me, anyway i have kept both pieces..Yeah i was thinking it might be a build up of fluid, he had size 34 jeans on (hes been a 34 for ages)the other day that he said were hurting him , but he hardly eats so cant be due to food.He says hes really hungry but finds he can only manage a bit of food before hes complaining he is full, so yeah seems to be bloated. Hes come down after being in bed for 7 hours and after an hour of being up he said i need to go lay down im so tired.If i was to add up how many hours he is down stairs in one week i would say roughly 20 hours, because there are days when he doesnt get up at all just for his meds. When he is up he complains one min he is hot the next he is freezing and when he is hot his face is completely red..Yeah its hard when he is refusing to see anyone, he would rather take pain killers and then sleep. Yeah you would think he would think that about life, hes lost so many friends under the age of 50 because stuborness not going to the drs or signing themselves out of hospital. Hes not given up because as you said hes gone to the dentist but the dentist only deal with his teeth and the only bad news they would give him is he would loose his teeth, where as he is afraid to go to the drs incase its bad news. Hes a great believer that once your told your dieing basically you go down hill very fast (thats what hes experienced in his friends),,Hes scared i get that but as i have said to him they can help. But cant force him. Someone said to me yestrerday lyn i dont know where you get yoru strength from, and i told her from God because Hes the only thing that holds me up in this situation..

Yeah my surgery has healed up nicely ty for asking..I keep threatening to go do the garden again and my friend is i dont think so ha ha.

Hubby came down last night at 4 ish and was nice because he bit felt better and was able to watch the tv and have a laugh.:). I take every day as it comes and enjoy the little good times we have together. Thank you all for your answers its so helpful to be able to talk..

Your all gems..


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Hi again, Lyn.

Wondering do your husband's doctors feel the pain meds might further damage the liver?

I think that is why my husband's cardiologist unprescribed most of his heart meds and a few doctors emphasized no ibuprofen which he wasn't to take anyways.

If there is any alcohol involved mixed with pain meds on a struggling liver, that sounds scary and no wonder your husband is so tired?

I imagine that so many meds would negatively affect one's liver.

BTW, with my husband's ascites you can't miss it. But, he is not a big man.

Yes, so many seem to suffer from the ostrich syndrome.

This might be a duplicate response. If so, my apologies.

Thank you for your well wishes. Likewise.

Some down time for you in the garden sounds very therapeutic.

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Hey good morning..The drs know what meds he is on and they dont seem to care if its going to affect his liver, he is supposed to be on co codomol 30/500 up to 8 a day but thank fully he doesnt take them unless he really needs them. Yeah seems it. He got up late last night and his chest pains had gone. Yeah all the meds and alcohol isnt helping his liver, but with him sleeping alot he isnt drinking and isnt drinking as soon as he gets up anymore. Ah ok concerning your husband. Yeah his stomach is noticeable also. He said the other day when he opened his bowels (sorry if that sounds gross) that it was weird and alot different to other times but he wouldnt tell me what it was.

Yeah totally agree on the ostrich syndrome ,hes def got that as did many of his other friends hes lost. Sad really.....But i guess we all have fears for some reason or other.

Hope your weekend went ok? Yeah i agree on the garden but its raining here so choosing to go christmas shopping instead (yes i said the c word, tee hee.).

Take care have a good day.


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There is some good news in there regarding your husband, Lyn. Good to hear.

You're right that at least when a drinker is sleeping, they are not drinking!

Good stuff that your husband is doing better with not starting to indulge as early.

It's something. Sometimes one step forward leads to another. Better than going the other way.

I'm so impressed that so many on this board were able to just give it up. I am sure for some it wasn't quite that easy especially if there are withdrawal issues.

I guess When is Enough Enough? varies from person to person.

Yes, it is very sad that so many leave things so/too late as in the case of your husband's friends. He must miss them.

Christmas shopping?

Gardening in the rain sounds like more fun!

But do enjoy the change of scenery.

All the best.

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Forgot to add with my last post regarding your husband's new bowel issues that we were warned to watch for blood. That could very well indicate an Emergency. With my husband's varices and the chance it could bleed, it is definitely something to watch closely for.

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Ty i will keep an eye out and on him.

Hi I’ve only recently been diagnosed with pbc but I have been having terrible stomach ache and feeling nauseous.. I’m due to see my specialist end of October so it’s something I’m going to ask about ..

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Yeah i would ask if i was you shezza..:) all the best and let us know..

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Thank you and I will let you know , I was really in pain last night was horrible trapped wind xx


Have you had a check for acid reflux GERD research on the internet shows it is allied with cirrhosis.

The NHS do a acid level test it might be worth checking it out, as symptoms sound similar to mine & I have got this complication

Best Wishes

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Hi jimmy,, He hasnt been to the drs in a long time for many reasons....Hes complaining today of chest pains (which he gets couple of times a week)... He had the ambulance out months and months ago with the same thing, pains in his chest,not being able to speak because of the pain, and they gave him aspirin and said if it happens again just to take aspirin and if it doesnt go go to the hospital, so thats why he does take aspirin and sleeps...

Morning all, I havent replied to this post in a while, Hope your all staying safe in this aweful time.Update on hubby, hes still refused to go to the drs, even more so now, as 4 drs ,3 nurses and some staff went down with this virus. Hes sleeping still alot,He just slept for almost 2 days and when i spoke to him after the 2 days he still dosing off in mid conversation ,He got up yesterday and managed to stay up but just felt drained, he went to the bathroom at one point and went back to bed because it exausted him. He constantly has heartburn and stomach pains, and i noticed his stomach is extended more than normal the last few weeks. Im just taking one day at a time now. I dont stress out as much, im there for him if he needs me and thats all i can do now. Take care all.God bless..

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Good afternoon,

It is difficult when a partner refuses to see a doctor. The fact that he is sleeping a lot, is exhausted and has a swollen abdomen are all signs that his liver is struggling. Is it possible for you or your husband to at least have a telephone conversation with the GP . Your husband is likely to need some blood tests and ideally a face to face medical review too.

These are difficult times as you say but medical issues such as you describe need to be addressed.

I do hope that youi have good support for yourself, it can be such an exhausting time both physically and mentally.

kind regards to you and your husband

Hi trust5,,Thank you for your reply...Yeah i agree i believe his liver is struggling, and as much as i have told him its his liver he says no its just heartburn. The drs wont speak to me on the phone because they think i could just be anyone, they arent letting anyone in the drs surgery unless its an emergency, my friend works at the drs and she knows the situation and shes tried all ways to get the dr to speak to me, she gave me a form for him to fill out to give me permission to speak to the drs but he wont fill it in or sign it. He wont talk to a dr himself because he says that they will say to have blood tests and his words (im not going to the drs to have blood tests so they can send me to the hospital and chances are ill catch the virus, i aint dieing in no hospital id rather die home).

He sleeping a lot still, Out of 7 days hes up 2 of them and then he isnt right and falls asleep down stairs. His belly is extended,his legs and ankles swollen, its heartbreaking to watch when there is nothing i can do about it. He hardly eats because hes sleeping alot but i make sure i wake him up to at least drink fluids. He does have delusions where he thinks im laying in the bed next to him and he has conversations with me. I been keeping myself busy by doing the garden up which is fine in the day but in the night it can be very lonely. Its hard as i imagine it is for alot of people at the moment, I shouldnt be out because im asthmatic but if i dont get food in die of starvation. I have to admit i have cried walking up the streets because its just as lonely out as it is in doors. And its hard work doing everything needing doing in the house on my own. I have had people from Mind ring me yesterday but i didnt hear my phone so i tried to ring them back but it was constantly engaged so hoping they will ring back today. Ill up date every so often,, I hope that everyone is staying safe and keeping busy.Love to all. To all those carers stay strong, keep your chin up, to all those who is sick love and prayers for your healing, to all those who have lost loved ones either through liver failure or this virus sending you loads of hugs...take care all.God bless...

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