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Hello smart people

Hello lovely people im 31 and have a question I'm currently on fibrosis level 0-1 but feel like my condition is worsening by the day my gt is 213 and got was elevated too in the last blood question is if I would get qualified for a transplant I have blood Type B- is it very rare ? and also my wife would maybe be a living donor is what she told me she is blood Type 0 is it possible for her to give me part of her liver ? Please answer me guys thanks im so happy to have find this site because you guys are the only ones who know how it is wish you all good health sorry for my English as I'm from Germany

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Hello Febeli57, first off I must say I don't know what the regulations or procedures are for transplant in Germany but I would imagine they are not that different from ours in the UK.

In the UK though you would only be considered for transplant if you were either suffering from cirrhosis with symptoms of decompensation i.e. portal hypertension, varices, ascites that wasn't responding to diuretics, serious Hepatic Encephalopathy and such like OR had something like a liver cancer which might be life threatening.

In the case of the decompensated liver there is a scoring system based on various blood tests which provide doctors with a guide on your liver health. Owing to the shortage of donor livers a transplant is seen as a treatment option only when all other treatments have failed and without transplant the patient will most likely die from their liver condition.

Live donation is one possible route to transplant but in the UK you would have to be waiting on the liver transplant list for a donor liver from a deceased donor - live donation is not a short cut. Surgeons will always prefer a cadaveric donor liver than putting a perfectly healthy person 'under the knife' and risking their health.

As you state you are only at fibrosis level 0-1 you are no where near the stage where you need or would be considered for transplant. If you know what is causing your liver ill health and can treat it or make changes to your life to help it at fibrosis level you may even be able to reverse the condition almost completely. This should be your priority at this stage. Treat the cause of your liver ill health.

IF a long time in the future you were to require transplant, needing a B liver you would be on one of the shorter waiting lists. Ok there are less B donors, there are also likely to be less B patients waiting & there is also the possibility you could be able to accept an O liver. Assessment of your body size would tell doctors whether you could accept a split or live liver donation - some adults are too big and require a full liver which can only come from a deceased donor. Live donation is a massive procedure for the donor too & both of you would have to endure the same massive abdominal surgery which puts both the recipient and the donor at risk and also 'out of action' as regards lifting, driving and such like for weeks/months post operation.

Anyway, you are no where near needing a transplant. Your condition is reversible at this stage if you can tackle or remove the cause of the liver issue. Work on that and look after yourself.

There is guidance on the British Liver Trust page ( ) about all manner of liver conditions and what can be done to reverse them or look after your liver better going forward.

Wishing you the very best of luck,



That was a very interesting insight from you thanks i hope you are right with that im in the beginning of this horibble disease because they say that the biopsy has a 30 percent chance of being wrong i already have spider naevi and blood pressure problems when i sit my feet turn blue and im dizzy all the time but trying to keep my head up I have to with 4 little kids


What have they said is the cause of your liver problem?

If it can be treated or you can remove the cause you should be able to reverse it.

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I also have a question I do have a little pain in the liver from time to time my hepatologist said I have a little 5mm gallstone Wich shouldn't be the root cause of the pain also the pathways seem clear. went to the hospital and they said I should get my gallbladder out because it will likely cause trouble down the line. But I know hospitals are always fast to operate because that gets them the most money now im really scared and dont know what to do because i know its a risky operation when u have a liver disease. I mean I have a burning and pain in the liver area sometimes but no digestion problems or anything that went away when I lost weight. Give me some advice you really seem to know your stuff


It's a mixture of everything used to drink alot of wodka in my teens let's say 14-22 was a traumatised and depressed kid but got out of it stopped drinking but had a fatty liver the last 10 years I almost didn't drink nothin maybe once in 2 month 3 beer Max like everyone else does too. I build my happy family 4 little kids bought my motorcycle last year and thought that finally I love my live i mean I was overweight food was my drug of choice but i guess that was the straw that broke the camel's back like they say.then i started gettin high blood pressure problems and dizziness in the morning went to the doctor and they said my cholesterol level was too high with 210 they then gave me statins and diltiazem think that was the worst thing they could do my gamma gt went up to 850 i imidietly stopped takin them.lost weight now I'm in the best shape in my life lost 25 kg my liver enzymes went down gt 213 got was 50 .but I guess it's too late because I keep feeling worse by the day I don't know what's the real root cause I forgot I also have innflamation level 1. maybe it's my heart too my heart rate is gettin lower and lower it was 106/65 in the morning it's really strange it gets so low and than suddenly my pulse drives up insanely.i only feel good when I'm doing cardio workout or jogging it's really weird that's why the exercise electrocardiogram is always good. I don't know the cause doctor doesn't seem to care heart doctor sends me to liver specialist liver specialist sends me to my housedoctor. I'm sorry with the long essay but hope you get the picture thanks 4 caring.


Hi easy to say but stop worrying about what happened in the past. The gallstone you mentioned could be causing the high ggt. Doesn’t sound like you have serious liver issues but something else going on. Back to the doctor and keep at it for the other issues . Gruss


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