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Dr told me my liver has changed in texture

Hello I am 35 with 5 kids, I have been having this on/off abdominal pains for 4/5 years now and the pain would normally start from underneath my rib cage and spread to my entire mid area and my back ( it feels like child birth labour pains) my previous doctor said I had gastrointestinal issues and would normally be prescribed omeprazole. This year I have had this pain more frequent and it takes ages to get any relieve from omeprazole and doctor advised that I increase the dosage from 2 daily to 4 tabs daily.

I recently moved home and went back to the doctors with the same symptom so he referred me for an ultrasound and the doctor did say I have some gallstones and that he would send a report to my doctor, so I went to my doctor and he said report from the scan did show I have gallstones and the doctor who performed the scan stated in the report that “Changesin the texture of the liver”. I asked him what that meant instead he asked me questions like;

*do I drink? A glass occasionally

*have I been out of the country recently? No I have not been out of the UK for 12 years.

*do I know of anything I might have been exposed to? No

I was scared but he asked me to do blood test and I got a call saying all the test from the blood came back fine but my liver test came back high, I went again back again and he was asking me about my diet which consist mostly of rice, beef, chicken, turkey, sparkling water,salad, veg and a bit of cookies and chocolate here and there. So he took more blood to check for hepatitis (I don’t know anything about all this type of tests) so I am waiting to hear about the result after the new year.

I am really worried, I am a size 12/14, 5”9 and I was on the ketogenic diet for 6 weeks between February and March and I did lost a bit of weight but I have since been off that diet and I would say I am active cos I work as a customer service spending 6 hours on my feet, I have been trying to read up but I can’t seem to figure out what could have caused this change in liver texture and why the result came back high.

**i went on work xmas night out after I had the scan and about 2 weeks before I had the blood test where I had a few glasses of wine like I said I only drink occasionally. Could someone who has an idea tell me what’s going on?

Medicines I have been prescribed in the past for other symptoms include

Cocodamol, nanproxen and omeprazole and I am on the mirena contraceptive.

Thanks all.

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Well, you could have some kind of auto immune issue going on. Seems like you take good care of yourself.

Don't worry too much. You can get better.

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Can anyone have s guess at why I have suddenly lost my appetite I know part of it is fear of starting gallstone pain. But I cannon tho on not eating especially protein vegetables etc I’m worried sick

Thanks for the response, I have tried to stay away from taking anything that has not being prescribed by the doctor and now I am concerned the ketogenic diet I went on early this year must have contributed to this change because it was high fat, low carb and medium protein diet. I am counting down to Wednesday to find out about the blood and hopefully be told what could have caused the change. Thanks and enjoy the holidays

All sounds familiar to me I’m afraid but doesn’t have to be serious. I’ve had chronic Liver disease now it is chronic. Recent months had brought that excruciating pain ( but no baby at the end of it!!!) I end up

In a& W having morphine which is not ideal- I can’t have gallbladder removed due Liver is in such close proximity. I empathise vulnerable x


Thanks for the response, I am worried sick mainly because the doctors are not even explaining things to me, if you ask me I can’t even point to where the liver is leaving me clueless and lost, I hope you don’t get much pain and hopefully you get more support in managing the pains.

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We can't go guessing on potential diagnosis's but it looks like the doctor is going the correct route towards finding you a diagnosis.

All that you know so far is that you have some change in the texture of the liver. Changes of liver texture runs through a scale - Normal Liver - Fatty Change - Fibrosis - Bridging Fibrosis - Cirrhosis.

Your doctor will need to identify the level of change i.e. how altered is the texture of your liver? This might be done with a fibroscan (similar to the ultrasound) but it measures the thickness of the liver tissue or a liver biopsy (which can also be used to examine the liver at a cellular level to see WHAT exactly is causing the liver to become changed in appearance). I would expect that somewhere down the line these will be done.

By asking the questions your doctor has he has been trying to rule out the 'obvious' factors that can lead to an inflamed or changed liver & generally everyone gets asked them - my 5ft 5", 8 1/2 stone hubby who walked thousands of miles a year as a long distance walker, worked in a hard physical job, no previous girlfiends, no tattoos, tea-total, no foreign travel got asked them all too. It's just as I say the doctor trying to rule out the obvious first.

Such as - has poor diet or alcohol contributed, is there excess body weight, what previous medications have you used etc. This would be to look at and possibly rule out Non-Alcohol or Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease. Doesn't look to be the case!

Have you been to foreign countries where you might have picked up one of the tropical conditions or even personal hygiene related illnesses of the liver. No, you haven't so no it probably isn't.

Have you had 'risky' sexual contacts, blood transfusions or utilised intravenous drugs or had tattoos in the past. Could you potentially have picked up one of the viral hepatitis conditions? Being tested for in the latest bloods as you described.

Once they've ruled out the obvious they then need to look at the rarer conditions such as the genetic ones or the auto-immune ones. My hubbies eventual diagnosis was Auto-Immune Cirrhosis - he had an atypical presentation of Auto-Immune Hepatitis in that this condition never presented any symptoms at all until his liver had reached the cirrhosis stage with late stage symptoms. Hopefully yours is not that far advanced.

If this is your GP who is exploring the situation rather than a specialist consultant I would be pushing to be referred to a specialist a.s.a.p. as they have far more expertise and tests at their disposal than an ordinary doctor. If you have an ultrasound saying change in the texture of the liver you need to be seeing a specialist to establish as soon as possible what is going on. Many of these conditions can be treated and controlled with medications which should prevent and even possibly reverse any damage.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Katie :)


Wow this is deep, I have only been with my hubby all my life, which would be a no to a risky sexual relationship😊😊. My Gp did say he would be referring me to the hospital I guess that would be to the specialist but he asked me to get the second blood done for hepatitis which I am still waiting to hear back, I will be asking him to confirm if the referral he mentioned was to a specialist if not I will push further just as you say above. When I met this new doctor he was quite taken back that no ultrasound and blood has been done since the time I have been having the child birth la our like pains(it gets so bad that I crouch and can’t stand tall when I get this pain, it feels like my rib cage are having contractions, I release air with the thought that it would relieve the pain but no, dashing to the loo with the hope of passing anything but the pains tend to on for hours even days before I finally get any relieve.) I am hoping it won’t be long as I am starting a new job in social care in the new year and I don’t want to start this with ill health.

Thanks a lot and I will definitely be leaving updates as I have them.


Like I say don't be surprised if they do ask these sorts of things, it's not to offend but to rule out any possible reason for raised results and liver change.

Sound like it's a specialist referral that is coming so that is great, Fingers crossed with a few more tests they'll get to the bottom of the issues you've been having.



I definitely understand and I am not offended in anyway I really appreciate your contribution, I will be here to give updates. Thanks a lot


When you go to the specialist take hubby with you if you can - 2 pairs of ears are definitely better than one when it comes to all the med speak.

Also, take a notebook. Write down all your current symptoms, any current medications and a list of all the questions you want to ask (we do that for every single appointment),

I know the New Year celebrations are afoot but I would be more than tempted to go zero alcohol at least until you have more results and see specialist ......... you don't want any suggestion of alcohol clouding specialists tests or thinking plus your liver and gall bladder will thank you for it.

Do keep in touch and hopefully we can fill in some of the gaps or interpret some of the medical gobbledy gook which will come your way ............ no question is a daft question!!

Wishing you all the very best,



I will do, I was tempted to drink though the couple of glass I had was on the 10th of this month of my work xmas night out and nothing since then. So I will gladly not be touching any alcohol. Thank you.


I remembered being asked to go get an helicobacter test done but first gp I saw said they have not received anything,I totally forgot about that but she did say she was going to chase that up to find out the result, something for me to ask once I go the gp next week.

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It's important to chase things up. If you have tests make sure you ask for the results. We don't know if hubbies AIH was ever picked up on tests prior to his cirrhosis diagnosis as he was always thought if they found something they'd contact him, We don't know what the trigger was for his AIH, it might have been an antibiotic he was put on for years for acne without specialist follow up or it might have been stress due to caring for his father with dementia we will never know.

It is important to take ownership of your own condition, chase up appointments, be assertive but not rude and make sure appointments, tests and things are ordered. These are all things we've learned along our liver journey since April 2012.



I had one done .you have to take a radiation tablet then blow in to a silver helium looking balloon .i had the heliobacteria and was given antibiotics..Please remember to go😊

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Hi thanks for your response. I actually want for the appointment and had it done few days after I had the test I moved home, 2 weeks I was told to find out result from my gp and I was they jave not received any result and this doctor said she was going to chase that and infact she was shocked that with ally symptoms I was not sent for an ultrasound or blood test. This doctor sent me for a scan and that was where I was told I had gallstones and the changes in liver texture. I will definitely be asking about that test again. As for my eating I tend to eat quite a lot after work in the evening before going to bed while I eat less during the day while I am at work. I think it's best I stop doing late night eating. I will be here to leave further updates. And I do hope you and your sister continue to receive the support you both needed. I am overwhelmed because I feel lost but glad that there is a forum like to point me in the right direction while doctors are trying to diagnose me.😍😍😍

Hi there, your symptoms are so like my sister's. She has never been a drinker but has been on medication for well over 20yrs due to a condition called fagaphobia . Not many people know what thid is but its a psychological condition that no one has been able to cure with her.

To cut a long story short.my sister has never eaten during the day .only at night after she has slept. Hence why she takes mertazapine to knock her out. She has had pains in the same area , but about 3 months ago she was in total agony .so much i took her to A&E. bloods were taken etc..she was placed on omaperazole .well it did ease for a while and came back with a vengeance. Her LFT shows abnormal, but a scan showed a gallbladder full of stones. The drs gave her buscpan as this relaxes the muscle of the gallbladder as the pain if due to one of the stones trying to get out. Her diet could be better but she is in a catch 22 situation. Waiting on gastro to see what the next steps are.

I have f4 FIBROSIS and 9yrs cirrhosis . Not on any transplant list as my meld score is not high enough. Please keep us updated on how you get on ...linda 😊


The doctors are not even saying anything about medication but asking for bloods to be done. I have been on omeprazole throughout the time I have been having this pain and I remember a doctor once said to me never to take ibrupofen (right at the very first time when I described my symptoms to him years ago) even though I have never take ibrupofen. To be honest I am extremely worried only because they are not giving me any further details of this scan and I think I should have been sent a copy as the doctor asked if I did not receive the result.

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The drs are obviously waiting for all of the results first then they can possibly confirm a diagnosis.

This is unfortunately how most consultants deal with things .my own father had many many tests before they told him he had cancer even though we worked it out ourselves. Please try not to worry .. contact your dr again or go see him .you are well within yoiur rights to see the results..good luck ..happy new year . Linda x

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Hello I hope you get some answers soon.Make sure your doctor has referred you to a hepatologist at the hospital then you will see a doctor experienced in liver diseases.Best wishes Jane


Hi, Have you’re stools changed colour? My best it’s the gall stones causing some obstruction to your liver, so don’t worry too much get referred to the gastrointestinal team at the hospital and they might suggest removing the stones with key hole surgery as a day case. Then your liver should recover. Don’t go on any diet just keep an eye on fat, you may have noticed an increase in symptoms after you’ve eaten fatty foods. Good luck, Happy New Year, let me know how you get on


Hey thanks I have not observed any changes in my stool as it's always been dark brown at times I find it hard to go and most times very easy to go. I am hoping to see him just after the new year when the test gets back to double the referrals he said he was making. I am clearly not going on any diet but definitely keeping an eye on any bad fat intake.

I will be back once I get more updates. Thanks a lot


Do you know the numbers for your LFTs? If not when dr opens on tues, pop in and ask the receptionist to print them out (don’t accept “I need the Dr’s permission, they don’t- your blood,your results!not there’s!! If still problems suggest they learn the NICE guidelines, that should work:-) ). Let me know the numbers and I might be able to help better.


Oh so I should be able to ask for a copy of the results? They should be expecting me on Tuesday then. Cos my gp asked if I didn't receive a copy of my scan result and I told him no I did not receive anything. I am requestingg a copy of them all. I will give updates once I get there. Thanks for this head up.

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Like the scan the blood results are yours



Welcome to the forum.

Differences in normal range for different laboratories can make it difficult to compare or comment on individual test results specifically. This is due to the different brand of tests that are used and how these are interpreted.

This forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any test results or asking for specific medical advice.

This is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

It is against the rules of our forum to post test results and to ask for specific medical advice.

Only discuss test results with doctors who know the patient.

Kind Regards,

BLT Admin

I would put Omaperazole into question. It can cause elevated liver enzymes, it is also not recommended for periods of long use particularly in females.

Have you had any other meds or pain relief?


Never had any other pain relief just omeprazole since I have had my symptoms and the dosage was increased to 4 daily when I kept having the symptoms much more than I would get them.

This may have already been said, but make sure that you have been tested for all possible autoimmune conditions (this would be 'blood tests'), as some of the symptoms you mention could be linked to various autoimmune issues. I would also ask to have all your vitamin and mineral levels checked, as some autoimmune conditions do alter these. However, I would also ask for these tests because I don't think you should have been left on Omeprazole for so long or told to increase the dose without checks being done. One of the side-effects of this drug to adversely change the levels of certain important substances, such as some vits and mins.

I also agree with whoever it was above who suggested that you push to see a consultant, rather than it all being left to your Dr - possibly a liver specialist, given the gallstones and liver texture. I'm sure it isn't serious, I just feel your GP isn't following the best route.

Take care, hope this helps.


Having read all the responses, I am not a health professional, but it sound to me as if you have gallstones and omeprazole won’t help with that at all but it will affect blood results. My only advice is always ask questions, and always, always ask for a printout of results of any tests you have taken, as said before, the receptionist is fully able and allowed to do this. Yes, always asked to be referred if your GP cannot come up with answers. Happy New Year to you I feel sure you will get the correct diagnosis and treatment soon. x

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Thanks for their input I was just overwhelmed as I have always being very careful when it comes to my health. I am so thankful coming across this forum and I have compiled my questions and to do lost for when I see him on Wednesday. He did mention if other results point back to my gallstones then it would be removed and I will be asking for a copy of my test results. I wish you a lovely new year.

Hello darlin. Did u know that all codeine based meds can cause really bad constipation ? Also take care for anything that contains paracetamol - not good for liver. Taania

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Thanks Tania I have stayed clear off all I have been prescribed which are omeprazole and nanproxen (I only used this for a few weeks when I was having some sort of migraine but stopped it when my optician confirmed my severely dry eyes where the cause of my headaches and I am much better since I started the eye gel treatment for my eyes)

I have stopped the omeprazole all together until I get more details to my test. Thanks a lot and I will stay clear off them. Have a lovely new year.

Hi thatmumof5,

As one of our moderators has already said, please be aware that this is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

We would strongly suggest that you only take advice regarding medication from your own doctors, not fellow forum members.

Best wishes,

BLT Admin

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Thanks I clearly understand.


Thank you. Happy New Year and we hope you find the forum a supportive place to visit.

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