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Is my liver damaged?

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Hi everyone,

I am writing to share my condition with you guys who have more experience in terms of liver diseases.

I am in my late 60s and recently i have been experiencing some symptoms that indicate that my liver isn’t functioning well. I am suffering from chronic fatigue, nausea , change in the mood and stomach discomfort. I got referred to a specialist who suspected a liver disease. He requested me to do some blood tests which showed high crp ( reactive protein), high gamma (ggt), high phosphatases alkalin(sce).

One more thing to add. I had a (gist) removed from my small intensine in 2014.

Am due to do a ct scan and am wondering if anyone have gone through the same thing.

Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas and experiences . Any little can hlep

10 Replies
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Hi Alidd

Welcome to our fenomenal forum (excuse the alliteration 😀)

Well I reckon you’ll hear that unfortunately almost all of us here have been through what you are experiencing (excluding the gist - I haven’t heard of that/those) . It is hard to cope with and to be patient but you just have to wait for your CT scan.

If in doubt Or need instant information then ring the Helpline on here which is meant to be pinned here on the right but I can never find - will get back on that number and opening times when I find them!. Alternatively, or additionally, please read the pamphlet information also pinned. Again I’ll post the link in a moment!

Also I am presuming you have been told the obvious about no alcohol, ear little and often (I think that’s still the current advice) and exercise within the limits of your capabilities! But that is just my experience, please check the “official” sources!

Back in a bit!


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Lol - you know what I meant! I’m sure it eat when I wrote it! Well it said eat in my head 😀.

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Perfeck. Those little spaces between r & t. So easy but much more amusing read. 👍

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for the patient guides

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The British Liver Trust Helpline

Call free on 0800 652 7330 Monday – Friday, between 10am and 3pm

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Thank you for sharing Miles :)

Hi Alidd My nursing team and I would be happy to have a chat with you.

Best wishes


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Hi Alidd it's hard to reply to symptoms that could indicate other potential causes!

Best to wait to speak to your consultant to answer these questions.

Do you mind me asking if you are in the UK!

If you are then most likely you will get a range of bloods done including liver function tests that your consultant can look at ..also your CT scan will give a lot of potential causes of your symptoms.

Best to try not to worry until you get your scan and follow up with your doctor or consultant.

Hi Alidd

Firstly welcome to this fabulous forum of great friendly people.

You mentioned having a small (gist) removed in 2014 which I know are quiet rare. My younger sister had a 1.2 kilo gist removed in 2017 and bcause of its huge size my sister has since received CT scans every 6 which has now changed to yearly. I too was checked at the same time for a possible gist because of my families medical history and was given the all clear.

My recommendation would be to try and not stress out and wait for your CT Scan result. Also If possible I would suggest keeping to a healthly life style which was a recommendation to my sister! Unfortunately my sister has gone totally off the rails and has gained alot of weight and now suffers with pain due to over eating when her modified stomach cannot accommodate large amounts of food.

I wish you all the best my friend and if you get time then please keep me updated

Shropshire Lass.

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Hi guys,

Thank you loads for taking the time to reply to my questions.

Yes i am based in the uk and due ct scan on Monday. I am afraid the gist has come back to my liver as am developing liver damage symptoms. Am trying to stay positive since it might be something else. Such as, liver infections or fatty liver...

I agree Gist is a rare tumor that grows into the gastrointestinal trac.

I have been trying my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle since i had it removed and i have not had any issues whatsoever apart frôm some stomach discomfort from time to time which can happen to everyone, until last month when i started developing some liver disease symptoms suck as vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, chronic fatigue...

I really appreciate you support

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