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Jaundice Advice Needed

Hi everyone, I'm after some advice or people's experiences with jaundice please. I am booked in with my gp but couldn't get in until the new year so I'm naturally worried. I haven't been feeling 100% for the past few weeks anyway, but ive noticed in pics over Xmas that my eyes seem to have developed a yellowish tinge particularly under a flash camera. In your own experiences is this how jaundice begins or is it full on yellow straight away?? My wee isn't dark and my stools are normal colour.

Like I said above I have got an appt booked, but Im trying to research as much as I can in the meantime to either see what I'm facing or give myself peace of mind.

Ps merry Christmas everyone, thanks in advance.


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I think that was the case for me. For the majority of time i had jaundice in the clinical definition the only sign you could probably see was a slight yellow tinge in my eyes. It was only when my bilirubin was particularly high were they more overtly yellow, more like an orangey-yellow colour. Same with the skin, for most of the time i wasn't particularly yellow at all. Ok i looked bloody awful, pale and gaunt, but not that yellow.

So to answer your question, if you do have jaundice the first place you'll probably notice it is in your eyes. Even at relatively small amounts. If it was me, i'd be happy to wait for my GP appointment unless things took a turn for the worse. If you are a bit concerned you can always contact NHS 111 to seek their advice. They'll be happy to talk through your symptoms with you and provide a bit more of an informed view for you.


When I got jaundice my eyes started a pale yellow then went slightly more yellow .I dint notice my skin change as I had a tan at the time .it took couple of weeks to go after consultant gave me steroids and I had been diagnosed aih..


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