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9.8kpa fibroscan score

I did a fibroscan last week and got a score of 9.8kpa (idk if this is already on fibrosis) and fatty liver(overweight). Wanted to know if the score 9.8kpa is really that bad? If yes, can the score down if i done the treatment? Been thinking about this the whole time. I am really worried. :( - i'll see my doctor maybe this Wednesday or Thursday for him to assess the test results. Pls tell me if this can be reversible

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hello your need many many hardworking GYM exercises and very quickly Wight loss. And maintenance your food no oil food no geli don't eat fat item's.


Thank u so much for your answers! I wil!! I have started living a healthy life (diet + exercise) last 2 weeks. I have lost 6 lbs.

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Hi it’s a bit high but you can do something about it- Losing weight will help and watch your sugar intake and minimise alcohol. Exercise helps a lot too -best wishes


Thans for your answer! Yes lately i have been away from sugar and fats especially alcohol ( yes even on Christmas eve. No cheat day :) ) and i enrolled to a gym (muay thai) given this, i just wanted to know if this reverse the scars on my liver? Can my liver be normal again?


I wouldn't assume you have scarring...you can certainly reduce the score though. good luck


Well the result says that i have fibrosis. So is it possible that my score is high ( range in fibrosis) but doesnt have scarring?

This over thinking kept me up all night. I just wanted to see my doctor so i can start my treatment. Unfortunately his on vacation and will be available next week :(


Fibrosis is a build up of fibrous tissues in the liver (not scarring). It is the livers way of trying to protect its cells, however, the more fibrous the liver becomes the more chance there is of scarring occurring. Your 9.8 kPa with NAFLD would indicate possible F3 fibrosis without it having slipped into the F4 which would indicate scarring a.k.a. cirrhosis.

You can reverse NAFLD and even fibrosis by making appropriate lifestyle changes - I don't know what treatment it is you are referring too because as far as I am aware there is no widely available treatment for fatty liver.

Have a read at the BLT page on Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver for advice.




Thank u so much Katie!! Wow seems like i have read some inconsistent stuff on internet. Your words really keep me calm and stay positive. I guess this is a wake up call for me that i am not healthy. I have diagnosed with a fatty liver last 2008 and did not pay attention to that, i and really regret it. Anyway thank u so much. Will read that article you gave me.

For treatment, i thought doctor will give me "milk thistle" (i have read this in the internet hehe)


Hi Katie,

I have talk to the doctor earlier and said that my liver has scar (he did say i have fibrosis). And suspectable cyst? ( they are not sure if this is cyst or just fat) so i have to run another test tomorrow morning. :(


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