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High Fibroscan score

Hello all,

I had a fibroscan test as part of a routine test. My score was 12.7 which I am told is very high.

I am 25 years old, in very good physical fitness, not taking any medication. I would not say I drink excessively (4-8 units a week, occasional nights out where I would have significantly more i.e. 15-25 units units).

The only thing I can think of is that the night before the scan I went for an all you can eat meal and ate excessively. Is this or anything else a factor in getting such a high result?

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Yes it is plus some foods will cause it to elevate



This link (scroll down on page) will explain fibroscan tests and scores.

I will assume this fibroscan was done based on your liver function tests ...were all your blood tests normal?

Damage to the liver, especially fibrosis, usually takes years to develop. So you are right to look at lifestyle habits especially drinking (binge drinking included). Also, being obese can affect your fibroscan score...and a fatty sugary diet can lead to fatty liver. I could go on...genetics is always a consideration.

If I were you, I would ask for an ultrasound scan to see how liver looks(size, surface etc.), asked if you have been tested for any viral hepatitis infections such as A, B, and C. Get tested if you have not....In the meantime, stop drinking any form of alcohol as it is poison to the liver and will cause further damage.

Asked to be referred to a liver specialist if you have any symptoms to liver disease after discussing the results of the above tests with GP.

Good luck. You are young enough to probably turn this around and lead a healthy lifestyle.


I am not an expert, but I think if you did this the night before it will definitely be a bit " false "concerning the result. Perhaps we have an expert to tell us !!! ??? It would also interest me. I am sure if the test would be done a few weeks later the liver would have recovered ! But as I say I would also love to know if someone can help here. You take care of yourself and I hope you get a better result next time. All the best.



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Hi Adam706 !

Do you mind me asking you something personal ? You say that you are physically fit and don't take medication. I am just curious as to whether you have a liver problem. I can't see by any previous post. Obviously 4 to 8 units of drink a WEEK is low for a "normal healthy" person. 15 to 20 rather HIGH ! But I suppose it is very seldom that you have this amount. I am of course under observation after a transplant. But even after total abstinence of 7 years, I still seem to have a fatty liver and 8.1 on the Fibroscan. This being the reason I asked if over indulging in eating is just as bad as alcohol. (besides, I suppose the amount of medication I am taking) Surely people who do drink even if quite responsibly, they too must have some sort of high levels regarding LFT's and even on a Fibroscan. If they were to have one. What I am trying to say really is, millions must have a liver issue and donot know anything about it. Sorry this was a bit detailed and long. I have problems expressing myself. But if you had a fibroscan, it must be something to do with some kind of problem you have. Fibroscans are, as I have heard, very rare to get (unless you have a serious illness, had a transplant or of course have it done privately) . Oops sorry again - I am running on......... I would appreciate your reply. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND !!!!!

All the best

Louise X

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Hi Louise.

I had a scan as part of a longitudonal study I have been part of since birth. The doctor recommended that as the result was so high I go to see my gp, who has now arranged a blood test.

I just don't see how my lifestyle and result match up. I cycle about 4 miles to work every day, play football 2-3 times a week and go to the gym 2/3 times a week. I wouldn't say I eat particularly unhealthy either. My worry is that the result is not just a bit high, it's very high. I feel that possibly it is an anomalie or mistake?


Well Adam, GOOD MORNING. I hope for you that it is a mistake. It certainly isn't fair. Living such a healthy life and getting those results. Second opinions are always a good idea. I really wish you all the best. Sometimes I also wonder how people who eat wrong, smoke and drink (masses) live to be a ripe old age. The mind boggles. Good luck and keep in touch.

Louise xx


Adam I am hoping there is some follow up planned to assess what this Fibroscan actually meant. It seems that Fibroscan results cause nothing but confusion because readings can widely vary according to the cause of the thickening. My husband has never had one.

However, it is due to my husband's condition that I feel you need some additional clarification on your situation. My hubby was diagnosed with cirrhosis completely out of the blue and without ever having presented at the doctor with any symptoms. He was really fit and active, he ate decently. His hobby was long distance walking with 100+ mile weekends being the norm whilst also working Monday - Thursday 12 hour days as a welder in heavy engineering. He never drank at all, carried no additional weight (always fell runner type build) and yet at age 51 he was rushed into hospital vomitting blood and after various tests told he had cirrhosis of the liver due to auto-immune hepatitis.

I am not saying any of this to scare you but you do need to get some follow up assessment on the state of your liver. It might be completely ok but you do need to rule out the possibility that this fibroscan report could actually be accurate. As Louise says above there are lots of folks out there who are walking about with a liver condition that they don't even know about - my hubby was certainly one of them and it wasn't until he presented at A&E with late stage symptoms that we found out.

An ultrasound and full set of liver function tests would be a start to have a see what (IF ANYTHING) is going on.

Wishing you all the best, I do hope the fibroscan was wrong but don't ignore it, get it checked out and return and tell us how you get on.

Katie x


This is exactly what happened to my daughter; diagnosed out of the blue with varices and liver failure due to autoimmune at 16 - now 21. Placed on Tx list; however she has responded well to medication enough to be taken of the list. Her fibroscan was crazy high; over 23 but her bloods that go through her liver are normal. She has tough days and good days but is living her life alongside her condition. She has a fantastic heptologist who she sees every 3 months. It is not the life we wished for her but she is determined and in university. A good heptologist is the answer.


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