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ALT of 93

Hello, I’m kind of new to this and have never posted, I’ve been trying to search the net to understand the info I’ve been given..my ALT is 93, its risen within the last month and my MCV is 105. I cannot work out from the sites I’ve looked on if this is something to be concerned about. I would be grateful for any info/experiences as I have a 1&2 yr old to care for. Any info much appreciated

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Normal ALT levels should be kept below 40 and urz is a little bit on the higher side meaning your liver is in overdrive, however, ALT levels need to be seen in combination with rest of liver test like ALP, AST, Bilirubin and GGT to suggest signs of inflammation.

Do you drink? Are you overweight?


Bloody hell... I am now, since having kids. It’s going up weekly! 12:01 &5ft6 and I hardly eat, never snack but eat my dinner late at night... yes I do drink, wine. I do have all the other results from a test a couple weeks ago and everything else was normal but the 2 mentioned have elevated


I would not start to worry as ALT levels fluctuate tremendously. Would advise to steer clear of fatty foods and the odd drink for a month and get urself retested..also try introducing 15-20 minute moderate intensity walk into ur schedule 4-5 days a week..


I will certainly listen to that, I don’t know if it makes a difference but I’m bipolar, have refused meds’ (quetiapine for a few months in jan) other than diazepam to control the mania up until now.. now I’ve coming down I need mood stabilisers just concerned that I could make matters worse. Thank you for your advice!



You may find our publication Liver disease tests explained useful to read;


As you will see from our pinned community guidelines, we encourage followers not to post their medical results as no one on the forum is medically qualified to able to interpret them for you. We would suggest you discuss your specific results with your own doctors who will be able to interpret them accurately for you.

We hope you find the forum a supportive place to visit,

Best wishes,

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Oh, sorry about that. Thanks for the link I will have a look. Yes it is reassuring to read others experiences.

All the best

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Go & get it re-tested. It is not THAT high, &, others who know more than me have said, it needs to be looked at in combination with the full panel - my doctors have told me that they look at how things like ALT, ALP & AST return to normal ranges, & put more store by Albumin, Bilirubin, Platelets & clotting time to see how the liver is actually working.

Anyway, all the best to U!


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