Hi guys.

I'm new to this site, but I sure could do with a little help with my liver levels.

Before xmas I had liver function test because I was sweating loads in bed. It came back with alt level of 395. Wow I was shocked

They've been 404, then 269, 263, then when I had a bad cold it shot up to 556

Now down to 325

I've had every blood test possible

And and ultrasound scan and there is nothing wrong at all

All bloods are negative and the ultrasound is clear

He looked at all my other organs on the ultrasound and they were ok too

Seen consultant he's scratching his head

I think a biopsy is on the cards There's nothing left to do

I don't drink or smoke

I don't eat any rubbish food

I exercise every day 10,000 steps do yoga

My weight is ok.

10stone 10pounds.

I'm not taking any medication.

I'm at a lost and a bit worried about a biopsy as I've heard so many horror stories

Thanking you in advance for your help

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  • Hi and welcome, you'll find plenty of people on here that can offer advice.

    As far as a liver biopsy in my experience it's not that bad. It's uncomfortable and not the most pleasant feeling in the world but it's not horrendous.

    Mine was carried out with the aid of an ultrasound to help the doc guide the needle to where it needs to be. Once in the right spot the needle fires and grabs a very small portion of the liver, when this happens the contraption/needle they use makes a snap sound, it feels odd but again nothing too bad. Then you're done. Now comes the wait. They will ask you to lay on your right hand side for a good few hours. Once they are happy you are ok you'll get sent home.

    All good.

  • Hi there

    Not sure I'm much help. But I'm kinda in the same boat.

    I hope you get to the bottom of it. All I have learnt is keep fighting to find out what's wrong. I have for 5 years but all my consultants get very confused when they look at me.

    Good luck xx

  • My circumstances were very similar to yours I had all types of scans which all appeared clear it was not until I had a biopsy that they found I had N a SH although a biopsy can be uncomfortable it was the only way that they were able to find out what it was that I had from that I have Now slowly been able to establish my cause. Night shift work. I have never drunk smoked etc. It's worth it.

  • Thank you for replying what is N n SH ??

  • I imagine its NASH that KeepGoing is referring to or Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis - a more advanced from of Non-Alchol Related Fatty Liver Disease.

  • Ok thanks very much for that.

  • Have they carried out the tests for Auto-Immune Conditions such as Auto-Immune Hepatitis? They need to do antibody tests. AIH is usually diagnosed through a bank of tests (including anti-body blood tests and liver biopsy) and processes of elimination (it can't be that so lets look at this) and a positive reaction to steroid treatment (usually prednisolone to bring downt he inflammation levels).

    If they do a liver biopsy it will look at the liver at a cellular level and hopefully give them an answer as to what is causing your issue as you don't want your liver to be inflamed for any length of time. You'll here it said on here very often that the worst bit about liver biopsy is the laying prone for a few hours afterwards. My hubby has had two biopsies of his liver and he described it as the most benign procedure of any he's had done during treatment of his liver. [He has cirrhosis due to AIH].

    In some folks they never discover what is causing the inflammation and we have a number of posters who have a diagnosis of cryptogenic liver disease i.e. doctors haven't got a clue what it is.

    Hope you get some answers soon.


  • Thanks for replying Katie.

    Sorry but what do you mean by benign procedure.

    What do they give you to get your levels downs if I have NASH ??

    And what do they give you if they can't diagnosis me to get my levels down. Thanks xx

  • By benign procedure I mean it was painless and trouble free (smooth sailing) compared to other procedures he's had ........... principally endoscopies. Hubby has often said he'd rather have a hundred liver biopsies over a single endoscopy (which he hates & has had lots of issues with).

    I wouldn't imagine that your condition is NASH, however, even very fit and thin people can get fatty liver disease. The British Liver Trust has a page all about NAFLD and NASH at :- It tells you how they would go about treating that or making lifestyle changes that can improve it. There are also medical trials ongoing at the moment (the REGENERATE trial) which are looking at the potential for tablets to treat and reverse NASH.

    As regards cryptogenic liver disease they might struggle to cease the inflammation or might go with a trial of steroids. My hubby never had any treatment for his liver until he presented with advanced cirrhosis symptoms and only now is he on steroids to keep inflammation at bay. His AIH is supposed to be burned out so he isn't on the other treatments that patients with Auto Immune Hepatitis usually get.

    Hope that helps a bit.


  • Awww thank you sooo much.

    That helps so much.

    I'm totally at a loss that's why I joined here.

    I'm quite worried what's wrong with me.

    You seem to know an awful lot about the liver and I'm very grateful

    Thanks for sharing. Sian xx

  • I didn't feel anything during my biopsy it was over so quickly. I was actually awake during my biopsy. The only pain that I had was in the recovery room. I was given morphine for the pain. The morphine worked very quickly. My results were back within a week..

  • Thank you

    Can I have iv sedation??

  • I've had so many different procedures done. I can't remember if my pain medicine for the needle biopsy procedure was given through IV. They thought I was asleep , but I was awake throughout the entire procedure. Whatever they gave me worked because I didn't feel anything until I got back to the recovery room. The morphine was given through an IV though. The morphine worked very quickly.

  • Another quick question for you guys to add to my above question

    Does having high alt levels make it harder to loose weight plus I haven't had a period in 9 weeks.

    I'm 45 and never had trouble with either of the 2 before

    I'm heating a low fat healthy diet and walk 10,000 steps a day. Thank you

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