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ALT liver enzyme question

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Hi there all! I hope everyone's holiday was lovely!

Sorry I have not answered all my post replies and messages..have been feeling very tired lately.

Actually, I'm waiting to get admitted into the hospital, again.

My liver blood work has not been so great, although my kidneys look better.

My white cell count is still low, 1.3.

Anyhoo, my ALT enzyme is currently 180. My transplant coordinator said it should be around 30.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Or does anyone know what that means?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Right now, they are just find me a bed in the next day or's extremely busy, as they have had a lot of transplants in the last couple of weeks, but they said as soon as a bed opens up, they will call.

Thank you, so much, in advance!

Cheering everyone on!


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Hiya Kimberley xxx

I'm not sure about the things you asked ~ I'm sure lots of other people will though! :) Lovely to hear from you and ....... Cheering you on too!

Well I sure hope so! Nothing yet.. How are you? We're your holidays ok? I've been thinking of you, and hope this first year went ok for you sweets!

Hugs you


xxxx hard - hard - but i keep remembering your words something small changes everyday maybe that i'm not even aware of but that it will get better. Also been trying to keep busy!

Contacted an old singing group I used to sing with many moons ago and they answered saying they would be pleased for me to go along to a rehearsal etc etc - but I know i'm not quite ready yet but I made a first step in the right direction xx

Hi sorry can't help with your questions but hope feel better soon & get sorted. Someone will know the answers am sure.

Good luck prayers & thoughts with you

thanks so much :)



Hello xxx and happy new year 😘😘😘 have they said why they want you admitted ??? I have no explanation 😒😒 only that Rob has raised Alt and GGT - think it's 240 and 400 - only explanation given was that hep c attacking new liver - in fact his bloods haven't been normal since first few weeks following transplant ??? And (unless it's just us and our rotten luck) no one really seems that bothered !!! He hasn't had any appointments at Kings for follow up etc since October and seen local consultant December and had fibroscan (14kpa) I think - so don't know is the answer - perhaps they are thinking of giving you some IV immunosuppressant ?? Before rob was discharged after transplant he had some IV (rituximab ??) that was supposed to help with rejection - I would ask what admission is actually for ?? 😘😘😘😘😘 good luck Hun - it's about time you had a 'calm' period ❀️❀️❀️❀️ lots of love xxx

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Thanks..I did ask, and they said my liver enzymes are showing some rejection, etc. and my blood counts are not so good, but they can't figure out the ALT or fix it with meds, so they want the biopsy, and also the possible bone marrow biopsy..yuck..hate those things. I'm also still having some ascites still, but that seems to be getting slightly better. My last drain was three weeks ago.

Thank you again!

Oh, when was Robs transplant? I'm still at clinic every week..but it's not been three months yet.

Cheering you on, as ever! ;)



Hi Kimberly, Elevated ALT means you have inflammation in the liver cells. You just had a transplant, I think I read that in an earlier post. I think it is normal to have inflammation after an operation. But it should be monitored closely.

To give you a reference, my ALT was 170. It should have been around 30. I have fatty liver disease, but its still early enough to reverse. No scaring or cirrhosis for me yet. So, 170 is not good, but manageable. That number should come down as you heal. No need to worry too much just yet.

Feel better soon! Take care of yourself :)

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Chynablue, are you still on the site?

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I’m sorry, are you still responding to messages ?

Thanks for that info..I'm wondering..could my diet be effecting my new liver already? Just curious. When I asked if there was anything at all I could do from home they said no..shrugs. And I do know it's early transplant was October 18th. I guess I'm just a bit worried since this will be my second time going back into hospital..since the surgery..the last time was 3 weeks ago for 5 days..similar situation, but my kidneys weren't doing so well the ALT count is higher than when I went in before, they are saying. They've changed my meds, etc. my kidneys are better..

Thank you, very much!



That's good that they are monitoring you closely. I'm glad the kidneys are doing better, too. I guess, if it were me, I would try to have a healthy diet with fresh fruit and veggies and drink water to stay hydrated.

Keep us updated! I'll say a little prayer for you. :)

My wife had raised alt up to about 200 in November (11 months post). They pulsed her with prenisolone. It worked initially, but then started going up again. They then put her on mmf and it brought the number down.

She had two biopsies and they said that it's difficult to say if rejection is clear cut that long after transplant.

Hope they can bring your numbers down by changing the meds.

Are you a risk for cmv? For my wife they thought that could be causing the raised alt too, so she went on iv gancickovir during November. So that may have played a part.

Ps just seen that you had your transplant in October. My wife encountered a few problems and was re admitted quite a few times over the last year but things really are settling down now and I don't think it's uncommon to go back in whilst they change the medications etc. hoping everything works out for you.

Hi Kimberly sorry to see you have to go to hospital - again. Labtestsonline is a good website to check your test results on, it gives quite a bit of info on related organs to the tests. Hop you find it useful - all the best for Hosp.

Hi Kimberly,

Just been wondering how you are getting along fellow friend of Bill & Bob.



The ALT enzyme is naturally occurring in your liver, and helps break down toxins. If it leaks into your blood stream and causes a high reading, it's because your liver is producing too much and the liver is damaged, so the enzyme gets into your bloodstream instead of staying inside the liver. As long as you eat healthy and avoid alcohol and other drugs, it should come down. Send us an update!

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