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Hi everyone

I ve just bn diagnosed with gallstones the scan showed abt six stones. The pain comes and goes. My consultant is suggesting operation to remove the stones as lasting solution but am viewing for alternative treatments if there's any cos I've had 4-c-sections b4.

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Hello. I have also recently been diagnosed with gallstones. (Feb) I am awaiting surgery to remove them. It's due for next month. I can't wait to get rid of them. My pain comes and goes and it's very random. But when I do get them they are awful. It can last anything from 1 hour to 11 hours.

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Gemalina in reply to Sarahcobb87

Hi I think I have gallstones can u tell me what your pain feels like and where it is.i get pain in my chest and in my back on the right hand side shoulder waiting for a scan 😕x

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Sarahcobb87 in reply to Gemalina

Hiya gemalina.

My pain starts either in my chest and goes right round to my back. It wakes me up and I usually feel sick and I am physically sick also. The only way I can get comfortable is if I lean right over. The only way I can describe my attacks is like it feels like I have a tight elastic band right round my chest and back and it's constant throbbing and cramping pain. It's awful. I hope the scan finds something because as weird as it sounds I was relived when they found out the cause of my pain as I had been suffering for two years with no diagnoses. Had called out an ambulance numerous times but no one suspected gallstones as my pain was typically where it should of been. I hope you get it sorted asap xx

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Gemalina in reply to Sarahcobb87

Hi Sarah. I have been having pain for the past 3 weeks at least a few times a day. Yesterday and today has been worst. It's like someone is twisting a knife in my back and chest but I have no pain in the side which they said I should have with gallstones. I had a spell a year or so ago but nothing like this. I'm on tablets for u feel the need to burp ? And I think it's worst after I eat 😐don't know what else it could be I'm worried xx

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Sarahcobb87 in reply to Gemalina

It sounds very much what I get. Yes I need to burp, pass wind, be sick and I also get diarrhoea with it also. It never makes the pain go away either. It's awful. It usually wakes me in the night. I don't get it very often. Probably once every few months but when I do get it I know about it. My longest has been about 11 hours of non stop pain. As soon as I had my ultrasound it showed straight away what it is. My only advice to you is to watch what your eating. Also don't lie down to go to bed for at least two hours after u have eaten that way it won't rest on you and most likely cause a pain. Before the docs knew what it was they put it down to indigestion too. They just try to fob you off. But make sure you get that scan done as that's the only way you will know what the problem is xx

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grevid in reply to Gemalina

That`s exactly what I`ve had Gemalina. 3 visits to A&E and a scan later have shown there to be at least seven stones. I still have to have an endoscopy but till then sensible diet and esomeprosol have been recommended.

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Jaylou82 in reply to Gemalina

Hi Gemalina did you find out if yours was gallstones? You just described what I get and how i feel. Sorry to jump on post.

Hello Taivic

Welcome to our forum. We hope you find it a helpful and supportive place to visit.

This type of procedure is now generally done as keyhole surgery so is far less invasive than a c-section.

Have a look at the information on our website about gallstones which may help you. There is a publication you can download or we can send it to you by post. Please visit:

Alternatively please feel free to call our helpline next week on 0800 652 7330.

Best wishes

BLT admin team

Sounds like gallstones,I had a bad attack 10 months ago,my pain started on the right side of my stomach,under my rib cage,it later was in a lot of parts of my body.the centre of my stomach,later travelled to to right side of chest and same side of my shoulder blade.Iwent to hospital ,got an ultra scan which showed 3 gallstones.The consultant said I also had inflammation of the gallbladder which was controlled by antibiotics,he did not operate because of my age,now on wait and see,I am 72. Does anyone think I should get my gallbladder removed,I have no other conditions that would prevent an operation? I would not like to suffer that pain again. Thanks James


Hi I've been having gallstones attacks for about 2 years now. Every time they scan my liver they always say did you know you got gallstones?? And I'm like yeah I know!! Consultant reluctant to operate as I barely survived last surgery with anaesthesia..

Try to avoid fatty foods, eat smaller meals more often and get some bloody good painkillers!! 😊

Hi Taivic, I’ve been diagnosed with gallstones and am actually having surgery in the morning. Unlike a lot of people I’ve only had a couple of bouts of really bad pain but have a constant nagging pain under the right side of my ribs. I really can’t wait to get it all sorted!

in reply to LadyDJ

Good luck with your surgery on the morning xxxx

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Markyt in reply to LadyDJ

I've similar symptoms. Got my scan tomorrow. Hoping its gallstones and nothing more serious, cr**ping myself tbh

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LadyDJ in reply to Markyt

I was the same. My daughter has her gallbladder removed but her pain was different to mine. She would be screaming some nights but fine the rest, whereas I have this nagging pain all the time. My consultant says both are normal. Good luck with your scan. Please let me know how you get on x

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Markyt in reply to LadyDJ

Thanks. Will do. Likewise x

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LadyDJ in reply to Markyt

Hi Markyt, how did you get on with your scan? I’ve had the operation to remove my gallbladder and am now beginning to feel a bit better. X

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Markyt in reply to LadyDJ

Hiya DJ. Thanks for asking. None the wiser for ultrasound. More invasive tests to come including a hd film of my bum. Lovely lol

They don't think it's gallstones now and said scan/blood tests nothing to be concerned about but pain still there and no answers so of course I'm still concerned. Plus now I Gotta go to the beauticians before my film debut lol

How is life without it? Any better/side effects? I know there's a few parts you can live without and if the defunct agree with removal but only as last resort. Personal prefers I guess

Thanks again for asking

Regards. Mark

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Markyt in reply to LadyDJ

Mine is constant nagging pain too

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LadyDJ in reply to Markyt

Hi Markyt, I hope they get to the bottom (no pun intended!) of your problem soon. I’ve not had any side effects really, only pain from the operation itself but I’m doped up on painkillers for that. I’m eating well and have actually had cheese for the first time in 6 months. I’ve just got my fingers crossed that this is the end of my problems. Take care of yourself though and let me know how you get on x

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Markyt in reply to LadyDJ

Ha ha, v funny. Great stuff, I'm crossing my fingers for you too.

It's going to be a few weeks before my camera, but yes I'll keep you posted

The doc told me that milk products really not good in any firm, stop the inners working properly, bing you up and causes reflux. I'm trying soya instead which especially on cereals I quite like so no dramas

Told me to cut sugar out as much as possible too

Trying to make changes as I have to watch my mood lacks and crash diets do exactly what it says in the tin. I guess am trying the subtle but certain approach which is helping me keep regular (too much info, sorry)

I'll keep you posted once I have more news, take care

Kind regards


hi Sarah I been getting exactly the same symptoms as you and been to my doctors several times too and keep repeating my urine due to high white count each time and then recently high liver count too. she sent me for a ultrasound 3 week ago still waiting and aked to repeat my bloods 4 weeks later which is in another 2 weeks but she won't diagnosis me till get them results but she saying gallstones though.

don't know what to do

Just been assessed for gall bladder removal, I am putting the operation on ice, very severe lung disease makes a minor operation complex, and lenghty, with even a view to open surgery, so for me as I only get a couple of attacks now and then and I have lots of stones I feel its best left, I switched to a plant based diet, its done wonders honestly so avoiding meat and eggs which for me were triggers especially boiled eggs!! I am eating mostly fish and sometimes chicken so not fully veggie and have the occasional bit of meat here and there try the diet route first see how it goes..its helping me a great deal. I will be asking on the route of dissolving the stones at my next apt, there is mention of this and it might not be right for everyone but worth the question, they prefer to get the gall bladder out , I know a few who had it done and still get problems and the operation is big ..regardless of keyhole or not.

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