Gallstones and raised liver function bloods

I'm female, aged 62. Had gastric bypass 5 years ago and fleur de lys abdominoplasty 2 years ago to remove excess fat. Last 12 months liver function bloods have been slowly rising. Gallstones, initially small now 23mm, at least 3 plus some smaller ones. Having further ultrasound tomorrow to see if any bigger. The question is whether to have them removed or not. Radiologist 12 months ago suggested seeing a surgeon as better to have removed by specialist surgeon due to scarring and adhesions and changed anatomy due to bypass rather than wait until it becomes an emergency. But GP said leave alone. Get stomach pains but usually styles with heat pack. 23mm stones seem large to me and likely to get stuck. Does anyone have any advice , especially if they're even larger tomorrow?!

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  • hi craftwork. i would definitely get the advice of a surgeon about your gallstones and if you should have the gallbladder removed or left. every one sees a surgeon who has their gallbladder removed. a surgeon can examine tests that are done a doctor cant he does not specialise in this area where a surgeon does. my stone was bigger than yours.😂 its not a competition. my stone was 3 cm thats 30mm. i had many complications with my gallbladder that a doctor would never have know about infact my doctor does not even understand what a Hepaticojejunostomy is or waht it consistis of. and thats the operation i had. it lasted 5 hours. as my stone was stuck n the tube for a long time. they could not get it out and had to put a stent in. and i was constantly infected. the pain was bile duct had to be reconstructed. its always best to get advice from people who specialise in the subject. i wish you all the best and please keep in touch with us and let us know how your getting on. i hope to see you around the forum.there are others here who have had gallstones and and some who have decided to keep their gallbladders. so you may here from them. just remember that just because you see a surgeon does not mean that you have to go ahead with it. infact a surgeon might advise against it. but you wont know until you see grace xoxoxo💐

  • Thanks Grace. I feel more confident about asking to see a surgeon now. I can see what they think. Just worried as I have a lot of scarring from surgery and bypass means only the top bit of my stomach works and it goes straight into the bowel. Thank you for the reply x

  • that operation i just got the Hepaticojejunostomy has moved my bile duct into the small intestine and i think thats the bowel. but please see the surgeon as they know more than any doctor and as i said they might say advise against also. or they might reassure you its the best you wont know until you go but your not under any pressure, its up to you once you hear what they think is best for you. keep in touch as i'v love to hear how you get on, all the very best to you craftwork. god bless you. love grace xoxoxo💐

  • Just to support Grace, s reply, my gastro \ liver consultant referred me for a gall bladder removal, but the surgeon said no. He was very thorough, had actually read through my notes and decided that , this wasn't the right time, he wanted Me further down the line with improved blood results, before he would consider making a decision, and he would review me himself in 6 months time. X best wishes , not sure if this helps x

  • Scan showed stones at same size. Also said I had a fatty liver. As I don't drink alcohol it's called non- alcoholic fatty liver disease! Scanner said to watch my diet, reduce fats and exercise. Could I do some exercise. When I told her I had lost 7 stone in weight 5 years ago and I went to the gym, did aqua aerobics and did treadmill 3x week, her face was a picture. Although I am a size 14 now I am not huge. I feel she was being very judgemental as she had already asked me what the scarring was from. Perhaps people need to ask questions before telling you what to do. I had issues with weight at 20 stone and size 24-26 in clothes. This woman even told me to cut down my alcohol intake as this might be causing the inflammation. I told her I don't drink alcohol at all. again an assumption!

    I will go to my GP when the official scan comes through and ask for a referral to a surgeon to discuss my options. Whether it is best to have gab removed or leave well alone.

    Thank you for listening, I feel quite upset at this encounter. Hubby just told me to let it go, you know how far you've come. It is great to have such an amazing husband who has supported me through fat and thin, well smaller anyway.

  • yes its very annoying when they start to assume that people drink. i have a fatty liver and i have not had a drink for 28years. i was on a medication that made me eat lots of pastries and cakes and i went up to thirteen stone. im only 5.2" im now back down to 9stone since i got of that horrible medication that they put me on.i was 8 stone when i started the medication, and i was a bit to thin. on the serious side fatty liver is not good so its good to change the diet as one can have a fatty liver and be stick thin.iv been of that medication for nearly 7months now, but when i was in the hospital getting my gallbladder out the surgeon said i had a fatty liver. so i want to reverse that. By the sounds of your post your husband is right you have come a very long way. your husbands correct why let this woman steal your joy. keep up the good work. you made me laugh when you said he supported you through fat. thin, well smaller.😂 keep in touch. love grace xoxo🌹

  • Thank you Grace for your advice and kind words. I take on board your comments about fatty liver. Before my surgery I had to go on a liver detox diet for 2 weeks as they have to lift your liver to do the bypass surgery. Done it before so can do it again and see if blood results improve. glad I made you smile xx

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