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I want to thank all you caring people for advice on Ascites I have went to see my heptologist at kings college London yesterday it took him no more than 2 minutes to say I need transplant he said the time is right now he has put through for me to have urgent assement where I stay at kings for 3 days of tests he said this will take 3 weeks to get my appointment, I am very nervous but I suppose that's natural,i know I have to be strong and positive and that's exactly what I will be so thank you all again I could not have got through the last month without all your advice. Annette

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  • I'm so glad that they're looking after you now. It's a very scary time but you're a strong person, we're all absolutely there for you. Hope all goes well and you're soon out the other side feeling like a new woman!!! Hugs x

  • Annette, you have no worries, I had my operation - Resection - at King's College Hospital That was 3 years ago!

  • Hello Annette. I will be thinking of you. Keep us all in the picture. Positive thinking!!!

  • Dear Annette, that is scarey, but definitely good news!! I'm so pleased you are going to be well looked after. I've heard only positive things about kings liver unit. I personally know someone who had two transplant s at kings ( she had hep c), she was very well cared for. I've been down to derriford in Plymouth which is linked with kings. I would have pre care at derriford then transplant at kings, so always keep an eye on news from there.

    At last I think you can relax a little while you wait for the assessment, at least you know now things are going forward and they aren't going to let you get worse.

    I'm so relieved for you, and wish you luck, health and happiness.

    Take care

    E x x

  • Hi Annette. I cant remember all your story but i seem to think you live alone? Have the docs discussed the requirements for help, support and aftercare at home, post transplant?

  • Annette read discharge from hospital fact sheets. Ensure you tell them you live alone. Ensure allis in place for safe discharge. Procedures need to be followed. Do not say you can manage you need reablement support from adult social care contact your county council to discuss.

  • Great news Annette. Take care.xx

  • It's only now that it all becomes real. Despite the problems and pain that comes with the illness we all share, you can look forward to a positive future. You will now face new challenges beginning with your very tough assessment followed by waiting for the decision that you are the right candidate to be listed for a transplant.

    There will be ups and downs during this process and the subsequent wait for the right liver to become available. The telephone will become a focus of fear and hope while you wait for the most life changing call of your life.

    Throughout all of this you will need the support of so many, family, friends and the transplant team, especially the coordinators.

    But there isone source of support which iis unique. A group of people who have at one time shared each stage of the journey, from diagnosis to transplant and beyond.

    So don't forget we are all here for you.


  • By the way. Like you, on my first ever hepatology consultant appointment , ( mine was the Royal Free ) in the first two minutes I was told "for a transplant - you have a full house" lovely turn of phrase, glad he didn't say congratulations !

  • That's great news Annette, hope your assessment goes well X

  • Really pleased for you x

  • So glad to hear they are going to be taking care of you!

    I'll be thinking about you, and I know this will go well! And like others have said, we are all here for you and care so very much about you! Your important to our group! So keep us updated about your process!

    Cheering you on!

    Be Blessed!



  • I will be rooting for you like everyone else hear .think positively stay strong look forward to a brighter future good luck and take care sheila x

  • Hello

    Im near you in Maidstone.

    If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask.


  • God be with you Annette! We will keep you in our prayers!

  • Hi angle I used to speak to u last year under name of Ricky rocket now this is my email name so hope you ok and all goes well haven't been on here for ages but same as u I got an appointment on the 4th August so probably have to do the same as you but I'm also very nervous about it all if I thought I could carry on without having to go through a transplant I would cos it scares the carp outta me any way nice to talk again Ricky now urban lol

  • hi Annette, I have just read some of your old posts and my heart went out to you. I think we live fairly close to you and if in a position to help in any way certainly will. I,m in strood and medway closest hospital. I had a terrible time there 2yrs ago when in for D.T,s. they discharged me after 3 days still hallucinating with concussion (having fallen over outside ) and on a weekend with no medication having been on 20mg of Valium still every 4hrs. Needless to say I was in a right old state! The nurses were for the large part great but the docs didn,t read their notes and told me nothing. I then received a letter informing me I had serious cirrhosis and hep C I only wish I had this site for support then. If you don,t mind me asking which ward and docs were you dealing with? Do you have any pets that will need looking after while you,re at kings? if so I,d be glad to have them here for you. If you need any help re forms ect there is a place called the hub in strood high st which deal with helping people with things like that A bit like C A I cauld arrange a lift for you if needed. I hope you are managing o.k and please let us ( the other lady that lives here is Bev ) know of any probs you have, if we can help would be glad to. Be kind to yourself, many blessings Anne (tillycindy )

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