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Fatty liver high enzymes

I have ALD Fatty liver with elevated enzymes. My AST is 42 and ALT is 73. My doctor told me not to worry that those numbers are not too bad. My girlfriend agrees and says I should have a couple of beers when we go out. I am getting much better at socializing with out drink. I really love beer but know I should stay away from it. My doctor says a few beers would be OK. Is it time to get a new doctor or enjoy a couple of beers at dinner with friends?

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Only you can answer whether or not it is time to give up beer and or get a new doctor. Personally, being the recipient of liver damage from Tylenol, not a road I ever want to travel down again. My doctor kept telling me no big deal in the labs, you can still take your medication (this was for a spinal tumor). Well my labs just kept getting worse staying on the medication regiment until I ended up in the hospital with an AST of 200 over 100 ALT inversion (abdominal tear from pressure build up). Fatty liver is blown off by many doctors, however, it is still a form of liver disease. Your liver is not functioning at an optimal level. When it isn't put in check it can and will cause cirrhosis down the road. Is a few drinks here and there when you are out with friends too bad? Probably not, but again after going through what I did, I can't sit here and say don't worry, drink the beer. It all depends on how you drink, if you have a tendency to drink a lot, normally keeping consumption at a lower amount only works for so long. Your labs may not look bad now, but if you keep drinking with a fatty liver, it will probably get worse. Alcohol causes fatty infiltration of the hepatocytes, pretty much you take a step back from healing when drinking. Not to mention the metabolization of ethanol stresses the P450 pathway of the liver. Personally, I would lay low for a while until labs normalize and then get a fibroscan to make sure fibrosis KPA score and Hepatic Steatosis (liver fat) CAP score is low. If all clear, then safe to drink once in a while, obviously not daily since your liver is already showing signs of struggle. I hate to come across as that never drink again person as we are all big boys and girls. I think you could have a beer or two without damage after you get this fatty liver put in check. If you read some of the cirrhosis and End Stage Liver Disease posts, it may deter you form wanting to drink. The liver is very quite, until it hits like an atomic bomb. I had no idea, ignored the labs because my doctor said to and then almost died. Hope some of this insight helps.


Very good answer!


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