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Fatty liver

Hi, recently after an ultrasound for a lump that was a lipoma, it was discovered that I have a fatty liver, due to excessive drinking over many years. I also had a blood test and the function which should be approx 30 was 95. I have been told to stop drinking, lose weight and return in January to see if things have improved. At first it frightened the life out of me and I stopped drinking, however Ive been stupid enough to carry on over the last couple of weeks, almost putting it out of my mind. This I know is totally stupid and I should take this as a wake up call but its very hard to suddenly take away a supposed crutch. I read a post from someone, how she thinks of her liver as a friend doing its best to support her, I shall attempt to think the same and look after it more. I would be fine if I didnt have a brain :)

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I know its not easy, but perhaps meeting some people that have gone to the next stage may help, or AA helps you realise that drink is not the only thing in life!


Thank you David, Im grateful for your reply, AA never worked for me and I hoped that knowing what alcohol has brought me to would change my behaviour. I also think that, and this sounds bizarre, that "fatty liver" sounds too cosy and sweet lol, maybe its just me but it doesnt sound shocking enough. So far Im focused but I do know that things could change but this site has proved so very helpful.

Thanks again for your support x



I felt I had to reply to your message. I have posted on here previously. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver a few years ago. It didn't scare me,I was invincible. I am a nurse, so am aware of all the risks. I ignored the diagnosis,continued to put weight on and drink copious amounts of alcohol. I became unwell earlier this year,tired all the time, constant infections. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July,now on meds for that. I have since seen a liver specialist,had further scans and underwent a liver biopsy a few weeks ago.

I get the results in a couple of weeks time and am hoping for good news. I have not touched a drop of alcohol since early August. Previously I couldn't imagine my life without alcohol. I now attend weight watchers and am losing weight. For the first time in ages I am beginning to look and, more importantly,feel better.

I suppose I want to say to you,don't ignore this. It is an early warning sign. Count yourself lucky that it has happened and you can turn your life around.

Sorry to go on.

I wish you well.x


Hello Liverlove, oh my goodness you dont go on at all. All you write is true, so very true, its easy just to ignore when you are feeling ok until its too late. I went to see a doctor in the same practice with an unrelated problem, sprained ligaments in my foot, when I asked her about the readings she was very dismissive of the readings and said that she wouldnt have worried about them etc., it confused me greatly but I cant see the previous doctor exaggerating the problems, however, whatever it is I take your words on board and thank you again for replying to me. All I can do is try try and try again, and keep reading posts on this site x


Hi bippet just wanted to say what liverlove says is so true I was diagnosed with NAFL and struggling. I was really good a year ago but put my weight back on. I am also pre diabetic. But just cannot sort myself out. So I am hoping by coming onto the board it is going to help.


Hi everyone,

I am too am recently diagnosed NAFL it seems to me we are in the same boat we all have to take steps to change the way we used to live. Hopefully someone to share our thoughts with will help us get where we want to be.

Kind regards...


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